10 Tips For Starting A Food Based Youtube Channel

It’s finally here. You’ve heard it all, video content is the best. Now you are ready to start your own YouTube food channel.

It’s essential to expand your brand as a food blogger and find new ways to share your ideas. You can do this by giving them life via video! These 10 tips will help you become the best YouTuber possible.

10 Things You Must Know Before You Start A Youtube Channel

1. A Schedule

YouTube loves creators who post often and follow a schedule. You can choose a publishing day that you are comfortable with, and follow the plan. It’s better not to produce many videos per week than one. Make sure to remind your subscribers of your channel’s schedule in your videos. You can also include this information on your channel artwork. Even if you don’t want to commit to one day, mention that you’ll be publishing new content every week. (Because you’ll, right?)

2. Pick A Niche

When they know that they will find the right content, people love coming back to a channel. Your channel will grow faster if you decide what your main topic is from the beginning. There are many options. Your content’s tone can also play a role in defining a niche. You could add humor to each video, or merge scientific talk with gluten-free recipes.

3. Don’t Go Equipment Crazy

You must produce high quality sound and images. You won’t make it big on YouTube if you buy the most advanced equipment. For the first few months, you can either start with what you already have or borrow a friend’s camera. Keep going with the plan and buy better equipment as you go. I remember when I first started my lifestyle channel. I took a picture with my point-and-shoot and promised myself that I would buy new equipment for every 500 subscribers. This was a great way of staying motivated. Two years later, I own a Canon 70D, a few lenses, a microphone, and have switched from iMovie editing software to Final Cut Pro. This great equipment allows me to create content for , my new food channel.

4. Focus On Appetite Apeal

Every shot should be delicious. Plan your video carefully so that each part looks appealing to the eye. Use nice pans, light the right way, and keep the area clean. Your recipes should make people’s mouths water! Make sure you create attractive channel art that communicates that your channel is all about food.

5. Planning How You’ll Share On Social Media

Filming is not done. To create a thumbnail that looks inviting for each video, you will need several photos. In addition to the thumbnail, I also take a dedicated photo for Instagram and my Facebook pages. Because I embed videos in blog posts, I make sure to have plenty of images to use in my post. I also create a vertical visual for Pinterest.

6. Think Globally

YouTube is a way to bring people together. But not everyone cooks the same. Share measurements in imperial and metric to attract global subscribers to your channel. You can suggest a substitute for local ingredients such as maple syrup, curd cheese, or Saskatoon strawberries. When there is meat in a recipe, I will also provide vegetarian alternatives on my channel.

7. Follow The Tends

It’s important to share ideas that are inspired and inspired by the current search trends in the blogosphere. Follow the seasons to be inspired by what’s new and exciting. You can also follow YouTube trends and join the fun by watching them! You could make a video that reflects the 100-layer trend (100 layers frosting anyone?). You could also have your sibling or partner voice-over one of your videos in a humorous fashion, which is another recent trend.

8. Think Series

A week of themed recipes can be a great way for your channel to get more subscribers and to draw attention to it. A week of all-vegan cooking, a week with the family, a five-day emptying-the-fridge challenge or any other type of activity could be done. YouTube rewards people who check out your channel daily with a higher ranking and more views.

9. Get Personal

YouTube’s popularity is due to the close relationship that creators have with their subscribers. Show your face in videos and ask for suggestions. Make sure you read all comments and respond to them. It is crucial to build a community around your channel.

10. It’s all about the data, baby!

Always optimize your video titles, descriptions, and tags with the right keywords. These three elements are your SEO rocket boosters. Youtube analytics provides key insights into how people consume your content. This information can be used to improve your videos and make them more useful to subscribers.

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