Food Story: Debra & An Okie's Attempt at Sweet Tea for National Iced Tea Day

I am so excited to have the opportunity to showcase our fourth guest blogger, Debra from Eliot Eats. Debra is from Oklahoma which I just love because my dear hubby is from OK and I went to nursing school there, too. National Iced Tea Day is coming up on Sunday so Debra wrote a great post for us and shared some of her great Okie recipes. Debra works in education and is an English major with her favorite poet being T.S. Eliot. Not to mention, her lovely kitty is Eliot, too. I love stopping by her site so I know you will too!


Growing up and living in Oklahoma sometimes is a conundrum. (I could get quite political here but I am not touching the red state issue or our legislature which is sometimes too ignorant for words. Oops! I guess I did get a bit political—forgive me.)

The riddle I really wanted to focus on was ice tea. Sometimes Oklahoma is considered part of the South and sometimes it is considered the Southwest. Even though I truly believe that we Okies have our own unique brand of culture, I believe that we are closer in Southern character, tradition and charm.

That leads me to my tea discussion.

I was well into adulthood when I realized sweet tea was such a Southern thing. Who knew that there were so many recipes for sweet tea. There are 150 recipes listed at All Recipes.

See, in our family, we drank it straight up, plain, never sweetened. There was never sugar on our table, never long ice tea spoons set out to stir it up. If a guest asked for sugar for his tea, we were perplexed.

We did drink ice tea by the gallon in the summer. I remember taking quart sized Mason jars of it to the fields in June and July for my father, grandfather, and any hired hands. They would gulp it down before getting back to work. When “sun tea” became the rage in the late 80s, we would have gallon jars setting on the back step most summer days. If we were hosting a BBQ, there would be a large Igloo jug of tea for our guests, again unsweetened. We always had mint growing and going wild in some part of the garden or yard, so on special occasions, we would serve tea with mint.

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This mint is coming up everywhere: in the huge pot that I originally had it contained in, in all of the flowerbeds and even in the cracks of the back kitchen door step.
I still like it plain, “No Sweet!,” as I order a shaken tea from Starbucks, but for the sake of being a Southerner (sometimes), I will play around with it here.

Here is my homage blackjack online to National Ice Tea Day with just a bit of sweetness. (Besides, I had some simple syrup around for some sangria on the porch!)

An Okie”s Attempt at Sweet Tea

Make simple syrup:
1 c. water
1 c. sugar
1 c. mint leaves
Brewed tea

Bring water to a boil and and stir in sugar. Reduce heat and stir until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and add mint. Let mint steep for about 30 minutes.

The mint may turn dark as it steeps.
Remove mint and strain. Set aside to cool completely. While syrup is cooling, make tea. Use your own method but DO NOT USE INSTANT!

Just an aside here, back in the day, my grandmother and mother and aunt all used instant tea. Truly nasty stuff. They changed to loose tea after they learned there were more cancer-fighting agents in real tea than the instant variety. Thank goodness!

When tea is brewed and syrup is cool, pour tea over ice into glasses. Pour 1-2 tablespoons (or more) of simple syrup into glasses according to your guests” tastes. Garnish with more mint leaves.

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With just a hint of minty sweetness.
For a change of pace, this is fine. But, I am still a tea purist. Give me unsweet tea any other day of the week.

I am often told that I can be a bit intense and driven which is sometimes taken as abrasive. I blame this on my roots—not enough sweet tea. Guess I won”t be changing anytime soon.

Cheers! And here”s to National Ice Tea Day!

Thanks to C.J. from Food Stories for reminding me of this national holiday!

I do love some tea and I have a few other tea related posts:
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  1. I had to laugh b/c my husband detests sweet tea and I thought of him when reading your preference for plain tea. I love my tea sweetened but can do it straight up if I have to. Really love how you did a mint-flavored simple syrup. YUM!
    Veronica recently posted … Lemon BlossomsMy Profile

  2. I was amazed to see the number of different recipes for tea!
    Joy recently posted … Improve Your Health with JuicingMy Profile

  3. Homemade tea like this could definitely convert me into a caffeine in drinks lover – looks wonderful :D

    Choc Chip Uru recently posted … MY 100TH CHOCOLATE POSTMy Profile

  4. this is soooo good. great stuff!
    nina recently posted … Comment on Honey Cake by Monthly Mingle May 2012 Roundup – Oh Honey! | Cook RepublicMy Profile

  5. Making your own tea is so much better! I can’t think of anything but having a nice tall glass right about now! :)
    Baker Street recently posted … Bread 101: PitaMy Profile

  6. i grew up in pennsylvania but my mom actually made sweet tea – i’ve never made it myself though, i need to change that!
    Jenn and Seth ( recently posted … Grilled Artichokes with Lime Aioli & Cotija CheeseMy Profile

  7. this looks sooper tasty
    Tasty Appetite

  8. Where is your hubby from and where did you go to school? Didn’t know you had an Okie connection! Thanks again for posting my tea treatise!
    Eliot recently posted … My first guest postMy Profile

  9. I’m a sweet tea officianado! There’s always sweet tea in my fridge. But, I actually prefer unsweet, sweetened with the pink stuff/sweet ‘n low! My wife thinks it’s disgusting! LOL!
    Jen recently posted … What’s Been Happenin’ In The Cocina ~ 6/8/12My Profile

  10. Cute post! It’s funny because I have grown up in Eastern NC where people will look at you funny for asking for UNsweetened tea! Sometimes it can even be a little too syrupy for me, but people love their tea sweet here.
    Erin {Recimplicity} recently posted … Roasted Beet Salad with Beet GreensMy Profile

  11. Making your own tea is definitely way better than having the instant one! Making your own tea has so much flavor compared to the instant ones but of course, it always depends on how well you make one. :)
    Sara recently posted … My Review and Coupon CodesMy Profile

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