May Winner – Food Stories Award for Excellence in Storytelling

It is such a huge honor to announce our very first winner for the NEW Food Stories Award for Excellence in Storytelling!

A round of applause for Arva from I Live in a Frying Pan :-)

The tagline for Arva’s blog is …sizzling up hole-in-the-wall ethnic eats of old Dubai. Arva is from Dubai but she lived in the United States for awhile. During her time in the US, she developed an appreciation for food that she hadn’t quite experienced before. She is back in Dubai now and rediscovering food from many different places. From her blog, she says … After 9 years away from home, I’ve finally taken the leap to come back to Dubai – with not just an awareness, but a genuine appreciation and passion for what I’d taken for granted as a child. Mom, I’m back to reclaim my seat at your dinner table, and to rediscover this city with its ever-expanding menu of international flavors.

If you’ve never visited her blog then you are truly missing out. When I reviewed her site, I noticed immediately that Arva is a gifted storyteller and artist. She frequently doodles images to go with her blog posts and they’re stunning. Check out the blog post from her acceptance of the Food Story nomination … It’s amazing!

It’s not just me that’s sold on Arva’s talents … See what the other judges had to say about Arva’s blog …

Kim - Treats and Trinkets

Kim – Treats and Trinkets
Great photos and doodles that added well to each post, and a really funny, engaging writing style.


Uru – Go Bake Yourself
I love the way she writes, it is like reading a story in its own right. She mixes her own experiences with some wonderful blogging topics which I adored!


Jen – Juanita’s Cocina
I quite enjoy Arva’s self-deprecating humor. Her creativity in each post and her ability to turn even a simple restaurant review into an adventure is amazing! Every post is dipping with cultured and traveled humor and knowledge. And I want to eat everything she’s serving!


Jennie – The Messy Baker
Arva from I Live in a Frying Pan has a way with words. She may not consider herself worthy of a storytelling award, but believe me, she totally deserves storytelling props. I found myself cracking up as I read through her posts, and her comics are hilarious and super cute. Congratulations for winning the Food Stories Award, Arva!


Heidi – Young Grasshopper
When I read a blog, I hope for heart, soul & a belly laugh. Thank you Arva for delivering on all fronts <3


So what does Arva get for being the May Winner?

Each Food Story Award Winner will be receiving a fabulous badge for their website that only winners will be able to display, as well as, a special giveaway package shipped directly to them from our Food Stories Judging Panel. It’s just our way of saying Thank You for sharing your Food Stories with us.

Who nominated Arva?

Two fabulous bloggers nominated Arva … Dima of Dima’s Kitchen and Ishita of Ishita Unblogged. Major thanks go out to both Dima & Ishita for introducing us to Arva’s amazing food stories!

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  1. From all the great judges comments, I know that I will have to add Arva to my reading list. Great choice!
    Eliot recently posted … It’s blackberry pickin’ time again!My Profile

  2. Well deserved winner. Congratulations.
    Joy recently posted … Calcium and Heart AttacksMy Profile

  3. Wow! Arva is one of my favourite bloggers. BTW, I had also nominated her for this award – I genuinely think she’s one of the best story-tellers:)))
    IshitaUnblogged recently posted … An Authentic Emirati Food Experience (First Time Ever)!My Profile

  4. Congratulations Arva!!!! I am going to head over there right now!!
    Minnie recently posted … Saffron-rose ice-cream; eggless, cream less, machine lessMy Profile

  5. Congrats congrats congrats to her, this is so deserved :D

    Choc Chip Uru
    Choc Chip Uru recently posted … Birthday, Brownie, CrownieMy Profile

  6. Wow guys, I am over the moon and the stars and whatever else is floating about in the intergalactic skies! This is such an incredible honour, thank you so very much for the recognition. I need to add a doodle to the comic strip which shows a yellow food blogger smiley with a smile so big that it’s reaching down below its pudgy belly and into its yellowy knees. Yep, that would be me right now.

    THANK YOU!!! :)

  7. Looks like a fantastic blog. Thanks for sharing!
    Danelle recently posted … STRAWBERRY ICEBOX CAKEMy Profile

  8. Boy, I just perused Arva’s site and her post accepting the nomination…she’s really good! I can’t believe she doesn’t consider herself a storyteller…she’s definitely a very good and unique storyteller! Congratulations to Arva!

  9. Congrats!! Good work everyone – gonna head over to Arva’s site to congratulate her.
    Steve recently posted … Mango Lassi PopsicleMy Profile

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