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I have a real treat for my fellow foodies, today. Isobel from The Open Oven has graciously agreed to share her food story with us. Isobel is one of my newest foodie friends and she is young and vibrant with lots to say. Take it away, Isobel …

I really started out cooking and baking when I was fourteen. Back then, as I would get home from school, Jamie Oliver’s show The Naked Chef would be showing and I would watch him with all his wit and humor, cooking in his small kitchen with basic ingredients. One day when he was going to show how to make a chocolate mousse of some sort, I grabbed a pad and a pen and started following the recipe. I tried it out for myself and it was great, my brother liked it so much he asked me to make more the next day! From then on, whenever I catch a good cooking show, I immediately look for a pad and pen and start taking down notes and recipes. I actually have a small notebook full of recipes from watching TV!

From them on, I tried to experiment in the kitchen more often, or at least help out with my Mum when she cooks. I would get my friends and Dad to sample my creations and more often than not, they all give good feedback. I’ve made assorted cupcakes, muffins, breads, sandwiches and pastas and my friends love it each time I cook. I would even give out my goodies as presents for birthdays or Christmas!

Last March, I just graduated from university, and it is incredibly challenging, more challenging than I expected, to find a job. I was getting bored at home, so out of the blue, I decided to start a food blog as a means of finding something to do while I’m still unemployed, and told myself that I would continue blogging when I start working as a means of a stress outlet.

Apart from that, while being unemployed, I didn’t want to ask my parents for money, but I wasn’t generating money for myself. One night while I made cookies, my Mum had this idea of selling them to her friends at work, and I gladly agreed. So now, once a week I would bake a big batch of cookies or muffins, and she would bring them to her office to sample and sell to her friends. Also, it helps that my Mum does freelance catering, so sometimes she would ask me to bake a really big batch, and get paid for it.

So far, it’s going great! I have something to do while still looking for a job, and people have increasingly stumbled on my blog and they seem to love it too! I just hope over time, I would get to be as influential as the food blogs I follow religiously like and!

P.S. Thank you for nominating me for the Illuminating Blogger Award! I’ve enjoyed your blog ever since then! :-)

Isobel from The Open Oven

Isobel from The Open Oven



Isobel has some really great recipes & posts on her site. Some of my faves are Croissants: The First Attempt, Rejection, Peas and Carbonara and Poor Man’s ButterYou can follow Isobel at her blog, The Open Oven, Twitter or Google+

Thank you so much for sharing your food story with us, Isobel :-)


What’s Your Food Story?

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  1. I really impressed to The Naked Chef and his story for cooking.I have learn many things with his recipes.It was a great experience when you started cooking in a short age.Your mom is so intelligent that’s why she sold all the cookies.Thanks Isobel for sharing your food story.I love it.

  2. Nice to meet you Isabel! I love your story. Headed over to check our your blog.
    mjskit recently posted … Cooking en Papillote (in Parchment): July 2012 Daring Cooks’ ChallengeMy Profile

  3. So nice to meet another blogger, she sounds fantastic :D
    Thanks CJ!

    Choc Chip Uru
    Choc Chip Uru recently posted … The Proud MomentMy Profile

  4. Thanks for the intro to Isobel! Her first foray into chocolate mousse sounds a lot more successful than mine :P

  5. I need to check out some of your cookie recipes, girl! Good luck with the job search!
    Erin {Recimplicity} recently posted … Homemade Nutrigrain BarsMy Profile

  6. What a sweet sweet story!! Lovely!!! Hopping over right now to check it.
    I hope you get a great job soon Isobel :)
    Minnie recently posted … Kidney Beans with Ground Turkey in thick gravyMy Profile

  7. A very fun read and I’m so impressed – I can’t believe your mom was able to sell your cookies to coworkers! That’s awesome and what a tribute to your baking… I hope you find work soon and loved discovering your blog… Thanks CJ for sharing…
    Javelin Warrior recently posted … Tuesday Tutor: Featuring Lavender and LovageMy Profile

  8. Hah! Thanks! :D

  9. Nice to read such a wonderful story. Good luck Isobel.
    pooja recently posted … OverwhelmedMy Profile

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