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Happy National Filet Mignon Day!

My gosh, is it Monday again, already? All joking aside, I’m really enjoying this new Monday Muster feature and I hope you are, as well. Seems I always have so much to share but most of it just doesn’t merit its own blog post. It’s kind of like turning to a friend and sharing your goofs or high five’s. Very quick and to the point. That’s what you get on Monday at Food Stories.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the new muster feature, feel free to view the original Monday Muster for a quick refresh. Now, let’s get to mustering …

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These are miscellaneous items that are not quite ready for their own blog post. These can be things I’m working on, kitchen mishaps, new acquisitions, funny things, etc. These may or may not be coming to a blog post soon :-)

Carrot Cake - Food Stories Blog

This carrot cake was just okay. I chose this recipe because it was a smaller cake. Since it’s just the hubs and me, we really don’t need a big 9×13 cake laying around. Nothing really wrong with it but it just didn’t bowl me over. The hubs agreed so I’ll just keep searching for one that does.

Turkey Lasagna - Food Stories Blog

This turkey lasagna turned out amazing. Unfortunately, I didn’t really go by a recipe. I just threw it together.

Cake Keeper - Food Stories Blog

Acquired a new kitchen toy, my new cake keeper. It’s pretty handy and cute, to boot. The delicious treat inside is my second attempt at a Mexican Almond cake that I saw on Anita’s site (Hungry Couple). This is so embarrassing because this is the easiest cake recipe on the planet and I’ve had to make it a few times to get it right. This has a great food story so I will be blogging about this kitchen adventure.

Feel free to share what’s been going on in your kitchen.

By the way, thought this was interesting so you may want to check this out … Today in Food History!

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What do you think?

  1. that turkey lasagna sounds awesome! i definitely hope to see it on the blog soon. =)
    amy recently posted … homemade thin crust pizza {the best EVER!}My Profile

  2. I think I have to celebrate this day! I will buy some fillet mignon
    Raymund recently posted … Banana ChipsMy Profile

  3. Hey, I have a cake keeper almost exactly like that. I use mine for transporting cakes, mostly to the MIL. :) So…whatcha doing to my almond cake?? :) It looks much darker than mine. I know you’re trying to rework the recipe but maybe I can help. Email me if you want.
    Anita at Hungry Couple recently posted … Peachy MartiniMy Profile

  4. That’s the only way I ever make “real” food. Throw things together and hope for the best. Recipes? Pshaw, who needs ’em.
    Kim recently posted … Sunday S’mores: S’mores Cinnamon RollsMy Profile

  5. I love how you can throw together and make the most amazing lasagna ;)

    Choc Chip Uru
    Choc Chip Uru recently posted … Birthday CCU Undercover: Little Rock CafeMy Profile

  6. Recipe or not, whether you remember it or not, that lasagna looks delicious. (The Hubs hates it when I throw things together…..because we will never have it again in exactly that same way.)

  7. What a GREAT idea these musing are C.J. I often want to just “toss” something up but by the time I get around to the post, the day has passed. I like your recapping…

    Thanks for sharing, I had to laugh to myself when I clicked on that Food History link. That terrific web page has been up there for ages. I remember it from 1999!!! (I had a Months of Edible Celebrations website with Aol way back then:)
    Louise recently posted … The Saint Louis CookbookMy Profile

  8. I’m so bummed, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to even cool, it’s saaad
    Kayle (The Cooking Actress) recently posted … Homemade Vanilla ExtractMy Profile

  9. CJ – I would send you the rain we are scheduled to get this week if I could! Now look, you go tempting me with filet mignon when I was doing a meatless Monday. Maybe I will have to pick up a steak for later in the week :-)

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