Food Story: Alison & Vegetarian Curry

I have a real treat for my fellow foodies, today. Alison (of fame) has graciously agreed to share her food story with us. Alison is one of the very first foodie friends I connected with when I started blogging earlier this year and I even won her giveaway celebrating her blog’s third anniversary. I know you’ll love her food story and her blog so top by soon and visit. Take it away, Alison …

When it comes to my food story it’s safe to say that I fell into peer pressure! But I think it’s also safe to say that it’s one of the safest types of peer pressure out there.

It was about 4 years ago, and I had just moved to the West Coast of Canada. I realized that my husband Peter and I had become dependant on the microwave for re-heating all of our meals, and even prepping simple stuff, so I started an innocent search into the web to see if I could find alternatives for the microwave. Well, that search opened up a whole wave of knowledge as I forged ahead into cleaning up our eating dramatically. Over the months following that search we ditched our microwave entirely (haven’t used one in 4 years!); we stopped eating processed food; and over the last 4 years in total we’ve really become cautious of how much meat we eat, how much junk we eat, and where our food comes from. An unexpected side affect of this “cleaned up” eating was that I lost 25 pounds (I had gained 15 in 2 years prior to this food adventure, and lost an additional 10). It was shocking to me that what I ate was affecting my body so much. Now, I feel like that’s common sense, but for many (and certainly for me 4 years ago!) I didn’t make the connection.

Blueberries - Food Stories Blog

Blueberries – Alison Lublink

As a part of being conscious of where our food came from, Peter and I started to garden in our own backyard. We had quite a bit of space and used it to make 18 raised garden beds. It was like having a small urban farm!! We had friends use some of the boxes for their own gardening purposes, but we planted all kinds of things ourselves: berries of all kind, zucchini, various salad greens, peas, tomatoes…you name it, I think we had it. It was so rewarding to grow our food and then to use it to make delicious meals. There is nothing quite like a garden tomato fresh off the vine!

Alison Lublink - Toy Kitchen - Food Stories Blog

Toy Kitchen – Alison Lublink

Thinking back to when I was growing up, I enjoyed playing with my toy kitchen as a little girl, but I didn’t do a lot of cooking (I wasn’t even allowed to use the stove as a teenager!). But in the last 4 years I’ve made up for lost time as I seek to expand my culinary knowledge. I wouldn’t consider myself an amazing cook, but I’m someone who loves to experiment in the kitchen. I find joy and relaxation in making food, and so for me, making meals each day is a treat, not a chore. This has also been a positive aspect to my journey with food – it makes it so much easier to enjoy eating healthy because I enjoy the challenge of preparing the meals.

Alison Lublink - Tomatoes+Parsley - Food Stories Blog

Tomatoes + Parsley – Alison Lublink

I’ve come to realize that we really love curry (all kinds!) and that more often than not our food takes on an ethnic twist. This is interesting to both me and my husband as neither of us grew up in homes where that was the “norm.” Both of us had the typical meat, vegetables and potatoes type of meal. It’s been a fun learning experience being able to get outside of the box and expand our horizons!

Alison Lublink - Chickpea Curry - Food Story Blog

Chickpea Curry – Alison Lublink

If you’re fearful of the kitchen or a certain type of food, I would encourage you to put your fear aside and just give something new a try! It might be a new recipe, or it might even mean actually cooking something entirely from scratch! Whatever it is, be bold, and enjoy the journey!

A link to our favourite vegetarian curry recipe:

Alison Lublink –

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