Food Story: A Year Without Supermarkets

Today we have a great food story for you from a family of independent, self-sufficient foodies … Ian, Becksie and Lizzie or also known as Team Pugh … I love their food story and enjoy following along with their foodie adventure :-)

A Year Without Supermarkets -

A Year Without Supermarkets –

We have decided to give up shopping in supermarkets for a year, you can read all about our adventure at but how did we end up doing this?

Our food story goes something like this:

Girl grows up in countryside location with parents who are very interested in healthy, fresh food not because they are hippies more because this kind of food was not only their best option but it was their cheapest option. Girl’s dad, a gardener by trade, gets seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables as a perk of his job. Countryside location means pheasants, rabbits, deer and hedgerow forages became part of the menu. Girl’s mum spends a lot of time with girl whilst small, baking – bread being her passion and talent. Girl’s dad loves cooking and in particular loves to study and bring to life the food of other cultures and countries on the table of small countryside house. Girl’s family keep eggs and jam out of the fridge.

Boy grows up in a city with a loving family for whom food is more of a function than a passion. Boy’s family do however grow quite a lot of their own produce. Boy’s family enjoy cakes. Boy’s favorite cake is Mr. Kipling’s French Fancies. Boy’s family keep eggs and jam in the fridge.

Boy meets girl at university and tries to woo with his signature dish of tinned Irish stew and packet rice. Girl steps up to the mark and tries her hand at cooking. Boy and Girl spend a large proportion of student finances on ‘cheap gastroesque pub’ food. Boy and Girl think they eat well and have sophisticated tastes. Boy gets a job in the food industry and starts a love affair with food. Girl is pleased with boy’s new food passion and starts to read books about food. Girl gets a job working with the homeless folk of said city that boy grew up in and learns about cooking large quantities of food from donated sources and being creative in order to fill empty bellies. Girl and Boy start to think about their gastro pub habit!

Girl and Boy get some ex-battery hens and are incredibly proud of the eggs they produce. Girl and Boy try their hand at growing their own and have some small successes but in truth are not yet ready to commit to the amount of time and love that needs to go into successful produce production.

Girl and Boy buy a house in the country and convince themselves they are going to live the country dream. Boy works very hard to modernize the old house purchased during the evenings and weekends and in the weeks works full time. Whilst working full time boy eats a free three-course meal five lunch times a week and falls in love with even finer foods. Girl studies food books harder and steps up her game in order to keep boy happy.

Boy asks girl to marry him and they marry in a small church whilst a lamb that they saw alive roasts gently over coals. Lovely lady produces home cooked buffet to go with said lamb. Lovely lady also produces fine puddings to be eaten after said lamb. Each pudding has been selected because it has a special place in boy and/or girl’s heart. Gooseberry fool because girl used to eat this at friends ‘Wisons’ house as a child and girl thinks gooseberries are the best of all the fruits. Apple Crumble because boy loves crumble. Pavlova with chocolate ganache cherries because boy loves pavlova and girl loves chocolate ganache and cherries!



Girl and Boy pay for expensive honeymoon to a location that girl knows does the most mega and bestest breakfast, dinner and tea – something she must simply show boy. Girl and Boy spend two weeks eating in the sunshine.

Girl and Boy return home and girl goes off food so much so that girl can’t even put dry toast near her mouth. Girl spends 16 weeks being sick and boy steps up his game trying to tempt her with food, even though boy finds cooking very difficult. Girl recovers from the vile sickness that is wrongly called morning sickness and starts to cook and eat everything in sight. Girl fills freezer with delicious, nutritious meals as she’s been told life with a tiny new person is not conducive to hours in the kitchen and girl cannot face the offerings boy produces again.

Girl has baby girl, boy is now out-numbered two to one.

Girl struggles at first but manages to breastfeed baby, boy is very supportive. Boy and Girl are
extremely grateful that girl did a batch cook. Girl and baby girl spend a lot of time at home thinking about and preparing food for boy to enjoy as they are conscious he is out working hard and deserves great food.

Girl and boy discuss future plans and know that money needs to be saved in order for girl to stay at home with baby girl. Girl, boy and baby girl change the way they think about food and decide to set a strict budget and give up shopping in supermarkets for one year. Girl decides to blog about it, boy gets roped in to help and also enjoys writing about it, boy and girl think it’s well worth following ( Girl and Boy must now put the required time and love into their garden in order to grow their own food to help with limited budget and write interesting blog posts.

 Baby girl starts her very own journey with food. She discovers she is very partial to apple, venison and potatoes. She does not like porridge!

Boy, Girl and Baby Girl keep Eggs on the dresser and jam in the fridge!


Follow Team Pugh on their foodie adventure at A Year Without Supermarkets and on Twitter.


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  1. What a great story! Now I need to go check out your blog and read more. I love seeing the evolution of relationships and lifestyles and how they start and eventually where they end up. When I looked back 40 years to where we were and what we learned and how it shaped where we are and how we lived today, I find it quite interesting and exciting. Thanks for sharing your story!
    mjskit recently posted … Glazed Carrots with SageMy Profile

  2. Lovely story! I am a firm believer that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has a story to tell. This was a delight to read and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. : )
    Stacy recently posted … Pecan Pie Baklava with Dried Cranberries for #CookedinTranslationMy Profile

  3. What a fabulous story. Going over there now to follow Girl and Boy and Baby Girl :)
    The Laughing Housewife recently posted … Joke 609My Profile

  4. This is SUPER CUTE! I love your guys’ story!
    Kayle (The Cooking Actress) recently posted … Loaded Mashed PotatoesMy Profile

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