National Croissant Day

Happy National Croissant Day
Today, I have a wonderful guest post to share with you from Pascal’s Patisserie :-) 

Petite Croissants

Petite Croissants

The croissant. Just a glorified French bun. Right? Wrong!

There is something about eating a croissant, a really good croissant, the very sensual experience of savouring or devouring one in all its seductive buttery layers that nothing else comes close. Why? Maybe itʼs because a single exquisite croissant deliciously enraptures all of our senses at once like no other food can: its pleasing and teasing seductive fragrance and promise of buttery goodness melting on our tongues, its tempting curves drawing our eyes to take in all its golden beauty before it vanishes, the sound of its crackling voice as it whispers of the bliss to come, the feel of it in our hands, licking our butter-filmed fingers as we bite into its beckoning crumbly outside revealing a dreamy soft interior – that fine balance of crisp and cloud – that if it’s really good, compels us to close our eyes in pure pastry pleasure…

Croissant Trio

Croissant Trio

Whew! Iʼll have what sheʼs having. Or will I? Where to get a croissant like that? Not easy. Why? Because the genre of pastry a croissant belongs to, Viennoiserie, is a dying art.

Few pastry chefs take the time or trouble to make it. Fewer still even know how. Thereʼs more glory for pastry chefs to do fancy cakes and chocolate and sugar sculptures. Why would they bother with the seemingly plain sister Viennoiserie? And of course, like most of our food, especially in North America, the making of fine baked goods has been compromised through industrialization and is beyond comparison. Even in France over 40% of croissants baked in French Patisseries are made industrially offsite with subpar ingredients.

Croissant & Brioche

Croissant & Brioche

This particular type of pastry making is difficult requiring the knowledge and expertise of both a baker and a pastry chef. Working with the alchemy of living ingredients that can be affected by something as simple as the temperature of the water is challenging. Even a drop or rise in ambient air pressure makes a difference. Like a boutique winemaker, it takes an intuitive artisan working with skill, passion and love to create something special. Yes, quality ingredients matter – they always do – but someone has to know what to do with them. Ingredients arenʼt just mixed together and baked like scones, muffins or cupcakes: many distinct processes are required to make the magic that is a croissant. Including that elusive ingredient: time. Waiting for the dough to be just right…And of course, there is that certain French je ne sais quoi that seems to deliver that ooh la la la la

Tea & Croissant Follow Me on Pinterest

Tea & Croissant

So if you can, celebrate Croissant Day on January 30th by enjoying a really good croissant made by someone who knows how. If you live in Calgary you’re in luck, you can find beautiful artisanally made croissants you can bake fresh at home at Pascal’s Patisserie. Otherwise, there’s always Julia Child’s recipe!

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  1. Jeez, They look amazing. So light and fluffy. mmmm.

  2. These are on my baking bucket list! :)

  3. Probably sacrilege but I must confess to enjoying a little taste of blackcurrant jam with my croissants. (I will now hide while everyone thinks how dreadful I am LOL)
    Joy recently posted … Intermittent Fasting PlanMy Profile

  4. My husband loves croissants but I find them greasy and unappetizing.

    Those petite croissants, however, look light and non-greasy. Maybe I’ll give them another go.
    The Laughing Housewife recently posted … Joke 679My Profile

  5. Aaaah Kayle, you stole my idea :P
    Haha d’accord, je mange des croissants chaque jour :D

    CCU recently posted … Mamma Mia!My Profile

  6. You leave me drooling into my beard.
    David Prosser recently posted … Birthday GiftsMy Profile

  7. I love croissants! And I didn’t know today was National Croissant Day – shame on me! I’ve never made one – something I definitely want to do. Really inspiring guest post – thanks.
    john recently posted … Artichoke Dip with Cheddar CheeseMy Profile

    • Thx, John – I want to try my hand at these someday but I”ve seen videos of people making them and it’s definitely a labor of love … Well, I do love croissants so hmmmmm :-)

  8. J’adore croissants! :P

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