Mediterranean Chickpea Stew

Mediterranean Chickpea StewThings have been a little quiet around here for a few days as I’ve been under the weather. Lying in bed with cold/flu symptoms is never fun and I’m really about done with it; however, it is the perfect time to enjoy some soup. Between the hubs and I, a lot of soup has been getting made so I thought I might at least try to gather the strength to snap one photo and post it for the world to see.

For years, I’ve been saying I was going to make this Mediterranean Chick Pea Stew by Nadia G so now seemed just like the perfect time. Although, the recipe was good, the hubs and I were both a little disappointed. We were expecting it to be a little zestier. Tomato was the overwhelming flavor and I couldn’t really feel the heat or taste the lemon, mint or parsley. If I felt better, I would have tweaked it on the spot; however, next time I will probably use more chili’s or add some spicy paprika, at the least. It’s a great base recipe that I can tweak for our families tastes, though.

If you’d like to try the recipe yourself, just head on over to the Cooking Channel for the recipe.

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  1. Get well soon!! That recipe sounds right up my alley. I love a good chickpea dish. We always have them ready in our freezer!
    Alison recently posted … Mom & Dad Visit KuwaitMy Profile

  2. I love chickpeas but I know what you mean about tweaking recipes to suit personal taste. I almost always mess with them. :) Fell better soon!
    Anita at Hungry Couple recently posted … Chocolate Sweetheart MartiniMy Profile

  3. Its not surprising that the stew was not spicy because she has used paprika in her recipe. Paprika is milder than chilli powder. Hope you will soon feel better, Take lots of rest.
    Balvinder recently posted … Kadai Jhinga With HarissaMy Profile

  4. I hope your feeling better, its never fun to be under the weather. The stew sounds really good and your suggestion to tweak it with chili pepper and spice sounds like a good idea I love my stews to be spicy.

  5. Hmm.. in my experience, tomato really needs to be cooked solidly in order quell the overwhelming taste. In Pakistani/Indian cooking the term is “bhoon” (i don’t know the English translation for that, I tend to say “bhoon”ify LOL). But once the oil separates from the tomatoes, and you see them really reduce and taste “cooked” then you’re in business. I’m not assuming that was the problem here, but just throwing that out there.
    And yes, I would totally up the ante on red chili and some zing. However, it sounds delicious and I hope you’re feeling better!
    Alya recently posted … LiterEature 101: J.R.R. Tolkien and Lembas BreadMy Profile

  6. Poor you, wish you better soon. I had some unspecified cold/flu bug round Christmas / January and all I wanted was soup. So hope you felt better for having it, even if not quite what you’d hoped for.
    Joy Healey recently posted … Webforms in GetResponse – Two Obscure Lessons Learned The Hard WayMy Profile

  7. Hope you are getting better. This has been a terrible time and we have had so many students and staff out with flu/colds. This recipe looks delicious. Get well soon!
    Debra recently posted … Pizza OCD: Bruschetta PizzaMy Profile

  8. aww, sorry you’ve been sick! i’m happy you’ve had some comforting chickpea stew to help you through it.
    kale recently posted … in need of distraction: trout entrée to the rescue!My Profile

  9. Hope you feel better soon!
    Barbara recently posted … ChaLean Extreme Push PhaseMy Profile

  10. Oh noes! The flu! I’m suddenly glad to be on the other side of the country.

    I love Nadia G. I think we might be secretly related. :D It’s sad to hear her stew was disappointing. I wanted to try out this recipe, too.
    Kim recently posted … Chocolate Raspberry MeringuesMy Profile

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