Grocery Coupons ~ Where have you been all my life?

Grocery Coupons On A Plate With Fork And Knife

I have a confession to make. I know it will sound crazy but I am ashamed to admit that I have never really used coupon’s before. Okay, maybe once or twice when I was in my 20’s but nothing of any real significance. However, this week, all that has changed. Like many, I tripped across an episode of Extreme Couponing on TLC and became entranced. People getting hundreds of dollars worth of groceries and only spending tens of dollars. I have to admit, it didn’t seem logical or possible but I was completely intrigued. On the episode that I saw, there was a man that said full price was the F word in his house and that his family never payed full price for anything. At first, I laughed because it was so funny but then it sunk in … I pay full price for everything. The more I thought about it, I asked myself why.


I truly thought that this would not even be possible so I decided to research the concept a little. Much to  my surprise, with a little time and effort, you can save a pretty decent amount of money with coupons. Especially people like me that buy name brands, never read the sales circulars, purchase whatever I see that I like while I’m shopping, etc.

Sale Ads

The more I thought about it, my emotions went the other direction and I started thinking negatively … I’ll have to buy newspapers, take the time to clip them, research the deals, go to multiple stories, etc. & then I’ll only save 50 cents. Probably not worth the effort but I couldn’t get that guys comment out of my head about never paying full price. I suddenly felt like such a sucker & knew that I had to at least see for myself.

Online Coupons

Just like any other experiment,  I decided to investigate further to see what’s what. I signed up for the reward/points cards at all my local stores (a no brainer), purchased the Sunday paper, researched some couponing sites for tips, went to store websites for any local deals, printed off some online coupons from major coupon sites & matched up coupons to the weekly store ads. Boy was I surprised at my results … On my first shopping trip I saved $95.38 !!!

That number is not a misprint. Saving $95.38 was huge and I can’t believe that I’ve been throwing this money away for years. I may not be able to save this much every shopping trip but you can bet that I’m hooked on couponing now.

Do you use coupons?

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What do you think?

  1. Whoa. I was convinced that this was NOT for me but you’re making me rethink. I guess I have an impression that coupons would only save on pre-packaged, high fat, high calorie crap that I don’t buy. But maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. Might have to take a closer look!
    Anita at Hungry Couple recently posted … Brown Sauce (Veal Stock) and a BestieMy Profile

    • Anita ~ That was exactly the thought that I had. The $90 + dollars that I saved was on coffee, dish washing detergent, laundry detergent, feminine products & dental floss. Since that shopping trip, I did save almost $50 and my purchases included ketchup, cuties (tangerines), birds eye vegetables and soy milk. Produce, dairy & meat are fewer but they are out there.

  2. Wow, that’s a pretty impressive saving! Although I have to say we haven’t used coupons for years – there are coupons for almost nothing we buy on a regular basis. Although maybe I should take another look at some of the circulars and see if things have changed. Inspiring story! And congrats.
    john recently posted … Homemade SpätzleMy Profile

    • Thank you, John ~ Take a peek and see what you think ~ I only used coupons for brands that I normally buy so I potentially could have even saved more if I wasn’t brand specific.

  3. VERY impressive! Especially for your first time….Trust me, I’m a pro at this and that’s really great.

    When I was a little girl, our housekeeper used to take me to the store with her – she would give me coupons and at the end of us getting what we needed, I handed over the coupons and the man would give me the sum total of the coupons (they were 3-10 cents each back then) – which was usually about 50 cents. I was hooked. I have used them my entire life.

    I spend 1 hour or less clipping coupons and matching them up with the three places I will go throughout the week and then (because 1 place doubles up to $1) I have to decide which is the better buy. I’ve done it for so long, it’s pretty easy. The people on the TV shows spend much more time doing it than me however, I save an average of $68 per week every week on groceries and household items.

    There are a couple of really great websites that actually do the match ups for you so you don’t have to think that hard or don’t have the time. Welcome to the club!
    Kalamity Kelli recently posted … Meat Lovers French Onion SoupMy Profile

    • Thank you, Kelli ~ If you wouldn’t mind, I would love to know what sites you like :-)

      • Of course! I would be happy to. (she does the match- ups for you on Sunday and Monday after the Sunday paper comes out. – she’s great as she has a place to click that has extreme grocery deals by state – so no matter what state you live in, you can get what’s in your state.

        You should always remember to go to smartsource, redplum, on the last day of the month and on the first day of the month. Last day to get any great coupons that are left before they change and on the first day to get the good new deals as soon as they come out. That’s because companies only release so many high value coupons per month for internet copying. Some people get on there and make hundreds of copies of one coupon which leaves less for the rest of us. If all else fails – there are coupon services that will cut your coupons for a fee OR, you can buy them on eBay. I’m too cheap to spend money to save money but some people really like doing it. Then, when your coupons go out of date – DON’T throw them away – you can send them to a service (find one on the Internet you like) that will distribute them on American military bases in foreign countries because military personnel stationed out are allowed to use coupons for sometimes up to a year after the expiration date.

        Was that more than you wanted to know about couponing?!? :)
        Kalamity Kelli recently posted … Meat Lovers French Onion SoupMy Profile

  4. Wow! You saved so much!!
    I use coupons occasionally, but I usually just read the flyer for deals. Maybe I should start researching more coupons, it definitely sounds worth it!
    ATasteOfMadness recently posted … Pecan Rolo Pretzel BitesMy Profile

    • I was convinced that this would be a waste of time which is why I decided to try it … So I could know for sure, I guess. So glad I tried it. I saved approximately $40 today at Target alone. I also saved $11 at a local natural food store that I frequent.

  5. I tried doing this years and years ago and I ended up with a ton of unused coupons. :) A lot of places that I shop at don’t take outside coupons, so I realized I was wasting my time cutting and clipping. I am VERY impressed with your savings! Might need to rethink this. :)
    mjskit recently posted … Asparagus, Chorizo, and a Soft-Boiled EggMy Profile

    • MJ ~ I hope you decide to look into this. Today at Target, I got $39.53 off a shopping trip that should have been around $80. I got cheerios for 75 cents, three Birds Eye frozen vegetables for free, and one Heinz ketchup for free.

  6. I use what I can find but couponing isn’t as big in the UK as it is in America.

    I’m impressed by how much you saved.
    The Laughing Housewife recently posted … Joke 701My Profile

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