Food Story: The Foodie Backlash & BBQ Chicken Pizza

I am so excited to introduce Emma Kaufmann from Mommy Has a Headache. Emma is a displaced Londoner now living in the states with her two girls and long suffering husband. Co-author of hilarious parenting book Cocktails at Naptime, Emma says, “my mom’s an Austrian, my dad’s a Brit, which makes me a Britaustrian, or possibly an Austrish?”.

I am the first to admit that I am obsessed with food. I am also addicted to Food TV including Masterchef, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Top Chef, Paula Deen, Nigella Lawson etc. etc. But sometimes I get fed up with some of these self-confessed foodies who will only use the highest quality goat’s cheese where the goat was organically milked or who won’t use a common or garden rotisserie chicken unless it has lived a healthy life in a close community of other chickens. That’s fine for some people who are loaded I guess, like Gwyneth Paltrow who has her kids on a carb free diet (that puts a new meaning to the term deprived childhood doesn’t it?).

No, I reckon the real skill is finding a bunch of wrinkled old vegetables, some past their sell by date herbs, and a few odds and sods in the back of one’s cupboard and then bunging them together to create a delicious okay edible meal. Are you with me?

So that’s what I tend to do. The other day I made some pizza dough. I slopped some barbecue sauce on it. I put some bits of roast chicken on. It’s not rocket science. But it is delicious.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza - Mommy Has a Headache

BBQ Chicken Pizza – Mommy Has a Headache

Barbecue Chicken Pizza – it’s really hard to make (not)

Barbecue Chicken Pizza - Mommy Has a Headache

BBQ Chicken Pizza – Mommy Has a Headache

Don’t get me wrong. I am a total food voyeur. I love to peruse pretentious foodie markets and nibble on bits of organic Camembert and inhale the scent of freshly made chocolates. But I’m not going to shell out for it, because I’m not daft.

Before I go any further let me just state that I love Paula Deen. She is something of a role model because she is an anti-foodie. I first fell in love with her when I watched her sandwich a lasagna between two pieces of garlic bread as if it were the most normal thing in the world. She just loves good, old fashioned food and while it’s great that she’s now trying to make healthier options of her stick to your ribs Southern fare I still miss the old Paula Deen who would say to her dog Bodeen, “What do you say Bodeen, shall we add cream or ice-cream on this cherry pie?” And Bodeen would bark twice so she would pile on ice cream and cream.

At the other extreme are foodies like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s, a British cook who is always sourcing obscure bits of fungus for his meals, and in one case, a placenta to make placenta stew.

I think it’s high time cooking was put back into schools. It was done away with when I was a girl as being to sexist and a subject not worthy of study. Well it’s time to bring it back for boys and girls. Children need to know how to take ordinary ingredients and create great meals. That’s why my two girls are always cooking with me. That’s my investment in their future.

Enough of the picky Foodistas! Let’s get back to good, honest cooking and teaching everyone how to cook! Are you with me? Viva la Revolution!

Emma Kaufmann
Blog – Mommy Has a Headache
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Twitter – @emmakaufmann

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  1. pizza looks great and you make me laugh
    rebecca recently posted … Fava Bean QuesadillasMy Profile

  2. So very true! Organic is great, but how many of us have the money to buy all the finest of organic products? Most times it’s about making the most out of what is have and stretching the dollar. I find the same with meat. I can’t afford the premium cuts AND everything else. Every now and then I’ll fit it in the budget, but my weekly shop is meat that is versatile – that I could use in multiple dishes! I’d love to make special trips for special ingredients – oh what a lovely ideal world that would be …

    Fact is normal families need good meals and to learn work with what they have. Just like with the pizza! :-) I think we get caught up in this romantic idea of what our kitchen should be like instead of perfecting what it is, adapting those ideas to work with what we have.
    Steph recently posted … Sticky caramel pear tartsMy Profile

    • As a food blogger, I definitely fall into the trap of wanting the most exotic and exciting ingredients or processes for preparing food. Your point is well made about the typical family and what we all have to work with ~ Thx for stopping by, Steph :-)

  3. Great post! Everyone should learn the basics of cooking – we all eat, right? I didn’t know that they no longer taught it in school. Learning basic kitchen skills plus the principles of nutrition would be so valuable for everyone.
    john recently posted … Sautéed CucumbersMy Profile

  4. Woop, go Emma, joining the revolution :D
    We all definitely need to know basics in the kitchen!

    CCU recently posted … Superfoods #2: Coconut SugarMy Profile

  5. Great post! I totally agree with you that it would be great if Cooking were an option at schools for everyone – it is a very important life skill. Vive la Revolution!!
    Rose recently posted … Restaurants and Stuff to do in Aruba: Our Anniversary TripMy Profile

  6. I enjoyed every word of your post – TWICE! This is how I cook and listen, it’s a far cry above how things were around this ranch 2 years ago because back then, sometimes the dog wouldn’t even eat what I cooked re: Taco Chicken. But that’s another story. Thanks for a great laugh and some really deep thoughts. Kelli
    Kalamity Kelli recently posted … Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate BarsMy Profile

  7. It’s fabulous to meet you Emma!!! I love what you have written, and I am off to know you more. “pretentious markets”….hahahahhaa!!!!!!! I like that. Thanks CJ for introducing Emma to us.
    Minnie recently posted … Slow cooked crock-pot lamb short-ribs – “And the mountains echoed” book review.My Profile

  8. Oooh I agree people need to know how to cook! I love the idea of cooking classes being back in schools (but maybe so it’s not just a girl thing anymore :P)

    …and now I want lasagna sandwiched between garlic bread
    Kayle (The Cooking Actress) recently posted … Cream Puffs (from scratch)My Profile

  9. I couldn’t agree with Emma more CJ. Thank you so much for introducing her to us. I sometimes hesitate to post the “ordinary” food Marion and I share at our daily meals simply because I don’t think they are “foo, foo” enough. Now here’s a meal I could “throw” together with no regrets!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing…I must stop by Emma and tell her “Enough of the picky Foodistas!” “Viva la Revolution!”
    Louise recently posted … The Fireside Cook Book, What a Gem!My Profile

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