Monday Muster and Oatmeal Cookies

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Basic Oatmeal Cookies

Monday Muster’s are short, sweet and to the point. If you’ve never seen my Monday Muster feature, it’s just like a typical roundup post. In fact, every dictionary and thesaurus has a different word choice for muster but they all are in the same range as assemble, gather, collect, come together, round up, etc. Hence, my weekly roundup or muster.

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Coupons & Deals

A few months ago, I began couponing & have quickly become obsessed with saving money. Even though I’ve only been doing this for a short time, I’m starting to get pretty good at it so I thought I might feature a couple of deals every week that were really great. My savings may just inspire you to share any deals that you’ve taken advantage of or at least to research couponing for yourself.

Coupon Binder

My, my ~ The coupon binder is really growing :-)

I got a great deal on toothpaste, this week. So good, in fact that I made money! You heard me right, I made money by buying toothpaste that I got for free. My local drug store had a sale on toothpaste for 2.99 each and they offered a $3 reward (basically, dollars you can use on your next visit). I had two coupons for 50 cents off so I bought the toothpaste for$2.49 each. So I spent $5 but I have $6 on my card for my next shopping trip. This is what couponing is all about, people!!!

Not Quite Ready for Prime Time
These are miscellaneous items that are not quite ready for their own blog post. These can be things I’m working on, kitchen mishaps, new acquisitions, funny things, etc. These may or may not be coming to a blog post soon :-)

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Basic Oatmeal Cookies

I don’t know if you’ve every noticed, but I love baking cookies. This past weekend, I made oatmeal cookies and peanut butter cookies. Tomorrow is National Sugar Cookie Day so I am in the kitchen, today, making more cookies. The hubs has truly been enjoying his role as the official cookie tester.

I found this Basic Oatmeal Cookie recipe at the SF Baking Examiner and they turned out fabulous. I went by Kimberly’s recipe completely except for the scoop size. I used a 1 Tbsp scoop so the recipe made 51 cookies for me and I reduced the baking time to eleven minutes. My DH said they were fabulous until he tasted the peanut butter cookies. He then said those were better than the oatmeal. Then he tried the sugar cookies and said they were the best … Wait … I think I see a trend here :-)

What’s been going on in your kitchen?

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  1. We’ve tried to coupon, but so little of what we buy is ever offered in coupons (or when it is, we’re buying it in bulk and getting better deals that way). But I wish that was a habit I could pick up. Fun Monday Muster – thanks.
    john recently posted … Royal Bermuda Yacht Club CocktailMy Profile

    • Food Stories says:

      Thanks, John – I know what you mean about the couponing as I resisted my whole life but now that I’ve actually tried it, I’m hooked. I really have to make myself not purchase some things (because the deal is so good) that I know I’ll never use.

  2. You rock. I do not have the dedication to coupon. Love the cookies. I have been taking it easy this week and trying to enjoy my last few days off before school starts up. (For the record, admins do not get the summer off. LOL). Not a lot happening in other words in the EE kitchen at the moment. Thank goodness for scheduled posts. :)
    Debra recently posted … Blackberry-Port JamMy Profile

    • Food Stories says:

      I didn’t know that admins had to work the summer – And here I thought you were the lady of leisure :-)

  3. Yummo! I love oatmeal (and peanut butter) cookies and yours look fantastic!
    Kalamity Kelli recently posted … Crock Pot Pickle Pork and the Origin of my NameMy Profile

  4. Ok, I finally subscribed and now I’m immersed in your round up and I love it. The fact that I love food also helps… LOL. :-)
    Susan Cooper recently posted … Emotional Baggage: Story (Podcast)My Profile

  5. Nice round up! The cookies–comfort food at its best.
    Minnie recently posted … Three minute Italian Dessert #InaFridaysMy Profile

  6. Oh I love those basic oatmeal cookies! I love a good oatmeal cookie yummmyyy

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