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My foodie friends, Jenn & Ron from Reel Chow, have a great food story for us today. In case you didn’t already know, Reel Chow is the original gourmet craft service company that specializes in healthier-than-average dishes without sacrificing flavor while still eating well.

Reel Chow

My best memories from my childhood are seeing my mother cook and eating her food. Korean food was very common in our household even though my mom would make the typical American meals daily for our family.

We always had kimchi and rice. Even on camping trips to Kern River, my mom would pack kimchi and rice in the cooler. It would make the car smell foul every time we opened it to grab a juice during our four hour car ride to the high desert. The cooler was always situated between my sister and me in the back seat of my dad’s beige Ford Granada, which constantly overheated climbing up the Grapevine.

My mom and I, circa 1980. ©Reel Chow

My mom and I, circa 1980. ©Reel Chow

To this day, whenever I visit my folks in California, I look forward to my mom’s homemade Korean dishes. A few of my favorites are cabbage kimchi and rice, of course, barbecued short ribs (galbi), fish stew and chop chae. I can easily eat kimchi all the time.

Last year my sister introduced me to a new show on PBS called the Kimchi Chronicles. I became a fan instantly. The food and segments in Korea were educational. Since I have yet to visit Korea, it taught me a lot about there food culture, which I always knew consisted of a ton of fresh veggies, sea food, noodles and spices.

The host of the show is Marja Vongerichten, the wife of the culinary master Jean-Georges Vongerichten. The show features Marja going back to her Korean roots (she is half-Korean, like myself), exploring the food culture. Marja re-creates the dish at home with her husband next to her and he is recreating the same dish with his own twist to it. Needless to say, by the end of each segment, my mouth waters.

The Kimchi Chronicles by Marja Vongerichten. ©Reel Chow

The Kimchi Chronicles by Marja Vongerichten. ©Reel Chow

For my admiration of Marja and Korean food I bought her cookbook, The Kimchi Chronicles. It gives the reader insight to Korean cuisine and tradition, plus eclectic recipes. The book is informative as well. If you know nothing about Korean food, after reading this book front to back, you will be inspired to make a Korean dish and have a clear understanding about typical Korean spices, and how to set a proper Korean table.

The photographs are beautiful, and the thoughtful design makes following the recipes easy. I recommend The Kimchi Chronicles for your kitchen library.


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  1. Very nice to meet you Jenn! I’m envious that you grew up eating Kimchi. I didn’t discover it until a few years ago and instantly feel in love with it. I’ll have to check out that cookbook! Thanks for your story!
    mjskit recently posted … Spiked Poached PearsMy Profile

  2. My daughter and her husband own the entire series of Kimchi Chronicles! My SIL is Korean and are served Kimchi each time his mom cooks family dinner. My daughter says her MIL’s Kimchi is very good and not like the kind you get at the store. In fact, my grandson LOVES kimchi and has it with rice (just like you) ever single Friday when his other grandmother keeps him for the day………he’s also a fan of Korean soap operas – very dramatic! :) Great post!
    Kalamity Kelli recently posted … Tex-Mex and the Red River RivalryMy Profile

  3. I’ve heard of the Kimchi Chronicles – I really need to get that book. I love kimchi! Super post – thanks so much.
    john recently posted … Pulled Pork Green Chile ChiliMy Profile

  4. We have a super popular food truck in the area that serves kimchi fries. I have always wanted to try them but the lines are always too long. Good testament to how good they are????? Thanks for sharing this story.
    Debra recently posted … Whole Wheat Pumpkin Muffins (and a weird squash)My Profile

  5. I have not made many Korean dishes but love Korean food. I will have to check out this cookbook. What wonderful memories you have of your mom, dad, and family. :-)
    Susan Cooper recently posted … Easy Breakfast Coffee Cake: RecipeMy Profile

  6. I don’t think I ever cooked with kimchi before. This must change! I love the pic of you and your mom!!

  7. I have never had Kimchi but it seems interesting. Does it taste like sauerkraut?
    Aqiyl Aniys recently posted … Morning Hundred Sit-UpsMy Profile

  8. I love Korean food. Thanks for introducing the book, I will look for it.
    Minnie recently posted … Sumac toasted pita bitesMy Profile

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