January Food Photo/Art Contest is Underway

Camera & Spaghetti - Food Photo/Art Contest

It’s January! Not only is it the beginning of a new year but it’s also the beginning of a new month for the Food Photo & Art Contest. Currently, we are using our sister site, Food Foto Gallery, to host the monthly contest because it allows for users to submit photos and they go live instantly. FFG is a photo gallery for food photos so not every picture is an entry into the monthly contest. In order to be in the monthly contest, you must identify your entry by adding the month in the photo description in a specific format. See more below …

Food Foto Gallery - Share your food photos with foodies everywhere

Please submit your food photos & food art at http://www.FoodFotoGallery.com and place the month/date with a hashtag in the description of your food photo submission. Use a hashtag first, then use two spaces for the month & two spaces for the year.

Photos submitted for January 2014 should have #0114 in the description so votes can be tallied. (February submissions should have #0214 added to the description & so on)

IMPORTANT – only photos with this specific date-hashtag format will be considered for the monthly contest!

Wanna view the current submissions?
January Food Photo Entries 

Food Foto Gallery - Food Photo & Art Contest

After your food images are submitted, voting is easy, too. Let’s look at a submission so I can explain a little about how this works.

  • Clicking on the picture will take the user to the image that the submitter chose when adding their image to the site. It also changes the number next to the eye graphic to display how many people have viewed the image. This is the number we use to tally votes!
  • Clicking on the title text of the image (monthly food photo & art contest, in the example above) will take the user to the individual page on the site for this graphic which is the URL that you would want to provide to friends and family if they want to vote for your image.
  • The text under the title is the description which is where the monthly hash-tag will need to be added when submitting images to the contest.
  • The heart graphic is the number of users that have “liked” the image. Not necessarily part of the contest, but nice to know.

The monthly winner gets $25 transferred via Paypal (or an equivalent valued prize) so you may want to start submitting your food photos, right away. Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for participating!

Cj – foodstoriesblog@gmail.com

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  1. Awesome! Dropping by to wish you Happy 2014~ Certainly good to hear from you again.
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  2. Good luck all!

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