When they say that ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, it makes it clear how important a fine scrumptious meal is for a man. While wild night outs, kinky surprises and adventure sports are pretty synonymous to a stag weekend, let’s not forget how crucial a meal is. On an empty stomach, you’d soon be throwing up and get passed out after a few drinks.

So give your stag weekend a culinary twist and have yourselves a refreshing stag do. That does not mean you can’t follow the usual recipe of a stag party, but you could add a little flavour to it to make it truly memorable.

Read on to know how you can throw a Gentlemen’s Feast on your stag weekend.

1. Steak and Wine Dinner

Before you head out to a club, it is important to have a meal to hold all the liquor you’re going to consume. Why have a boring dinner at a restaurant when you can get your grills out in the yard like true men and grill your steaks!

Team up your steaks with the a glass of Pinot Noir and have a king’s meal! A classic ‘steak and wine’ dinner is always a safe and successful bet.

2. Wine and Cheese Tasting

Bring out the sophisticated Parisian aesthetic and host a ‘Wine and Cheese Tasting’ party on your stag weekend. The two are a pair made in heaven, much the the groom and his wife-to-be.

Have at least three varieties of cheese per service and the perfect complimentary wine to go along. Go from dry white wine and light cheeses to pure reds and liquor-like white wine with strong cheeses as the service goes.

A Wine and Cheese tasting is never a dull event and your stag do will be a super hit!

3. An Irish Meal Affair

No one parties quite like the Irish do! You may not have been able to go to Ireland , but you can bring Ireland to you. Adding Irish elements into your stag do will make it an even better affair.

Whip out some pans and impress the lads by making the famous ‘Fish and Chips’. It is not a hard dish to prepare. It takes roughly 45 minutes and tastes amazingly good. Open up a can of beer or a bottle of white wine or rose and your perfect Irish meal is ready.

4. Spanish Skillet Feast

Add a Spanish charm to the stag weekend by introducing classic Spanish flavors to your meal. While cooking some ‘Paella’ may be too daunting a task, you may attempt to follow through a recipe to make the iconic Spanish dish.

However, if you’d rather not put in so much effort, you can cook an easy Spanish Chicken Skillet. The dish is a Spanish staple and doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to prepare. Pop open some cans of chilled bear and ‘Comer Bien’.

5. For Better or For Wurst

There is no activity that screams manhood better than grilling a meal with the lads. On your stag weekend, strengthen your brotherhood and transform your backyard into a biergarten.

A Pork Sausage with Herb Spaetzle is the easiest and one of the most tasteful German dishes you can grill out with the lads while chugging some cold beer or sipping on some Chardonnay to go with.
Some pretzels, fresh wurst and you can have yourselves a stag do akin to Oktoberfest.


There is more than one ways for you to add flavor to your stag weekend. While pub crawling, adult entertainment and sports are pretty standard with a stag do, throwing a European themed gentlemen’s feast is something you could add to your celebration to party like men. Great food, ample booze and the company of best friends, is there anything more the groom-to-be could ask for on the celebration of his bachelorhood!

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