7 Bad Habits to Break to Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is one of the most common items in a person’s to-do-list. Unfortunately, it is also the most broken resolution that a person undertakes. Mathematically, losing weight is simple. All you have to do is burn more calories than you consume. However, this is always easier said than done because there are many stumbling blocks that are constantly in our way. That is why an entire weight loss industry thrives. There are diet pills, weight loss books, support programs, powders and supplements, gyms, and exercise regimens that all promise weight loss. So how do you cut through all the information and start getting results? You can start here as we are going to list down the unhealthy habits you should drop and replace them with healthy habits you should acquire so that you could lose weight.

Stop eating out. We know it’s more convenient to eat at a restaurant or buy take-out food since you’d be saving a lot of time. After all, you don’t need to prep the meal, cook the food and clean up after yourselves. But eating at restaurants means you don’t control what goes into your food. A lot of fats, extenders and preservatives go into your meal that you aren’t aware of that prevent you from losing weight. Also, oftentimes, the portions in restaurants are much larger than what we would need in a meal. Considering that we have a penchant of finishing everything on our plate and not let anything go to waste, this adds a great deal to our calorie count. So instead of eating out, make your meals at home. Aside from contributing to your weight loss by controlling your food intake and burning calories as you make an effort to cook, this can also lead to significant savings as eating at home is cheaper.

Stop eating junk food. Most guides on how to lose weight would direct you to modifying your food intake. It’s been said time and again that junk food is the main contributor to the fats that you carry in your body. Junk food comes in all shapes and sizes from the chips you consume from the bags, to the convenient but chemical laden fast food meals you purchase. All of these are bad for your health since they contribute empty calories to your diet which have no nutritional value. They also contain a lot of fats and harmful chemicals that has adverse effects to your health. Therefore, cutting them from your diet would not only lead to weight loss but would also help you avoid harmful diseases. Instead of these fatty indulgences, opt to go for more seafood and vegetables. Maybe even observe a day in a week where you would opt not to eat meat. And those high calorie laden fancy frappuccinos? Ditch them as they could contribute up to a thousand calories to your diet. And having your coffee brewed without cream or sugar is still the best, skinniest alternative if you really want to lose weight. Also, if you’re eating salad, cut the creamy dressings and opt instead for a lighter vinegrette.

Avoid white carbs. White carbohydrates, whether in bread, pasta or rice, has high calorie content and takes longer to burn. Substituting it with their brown counterparts would increase your fiber intake which aids in speeding up your metabolism. They also make you feel fuller faster which would force you to eat less and ultimately lead you to lose weight.

Don’t indulge in speed eating. Always set aside some time to eat your meals so you won’t get rushed through eating. Since your body tends to register its fullness 15-20 minutes after the fact, you need to allow time for it to catch up. Eating slow would also give you a longer period to chew your food more thoroughly making it easier for your body to digest it.

Decrease your intake of soda or fruit juice. All sodas and most fruit juices contain added sugars that contribute to weight gain. So instead, why not indulge in a nice, cold glass of refreshing water? One can of soda contains 150 calories that can easily be cut off by opting for water instead. If it’s flavour that you seek, you can add a slice of lemon to your water.

Stop grabbing that midnight snack. Eating just before you go to bed is a sure fire way to gain weight. When we sleep, our body burns very little energy since we’re at a resting stage. So the food that we take in before we go to bed ends up stored as fat. To lose weight, try fasting for 14-16 hours at night. This may seem long but it’s just the span of time appropriate between dinner and breakfast the next day. Besides, most midnight snacks available tend to be junk anyway.

Don’t be a couch potato. If the goal is to burn more calories than you consume, then this can be achieved by lessening the food you intake alongside increasing the calories you expel. The only way to do this is via exercise. Nowadays, there are a lot of ways in which you could get healthy. It’s impossible not to find a regimen that would suit your tastes. The more popular and intense methods are offered by gyms and exercise classes. There are also dance classes, weight lifting and more relaxing regimens such as pilates and yoga. If you don’t want to spend that many dollars, you can always just put your sneakers on and start running around the block. Pressed for time but still want to lose weight? Just modifying your daily routine slightly can aid in increased calorie burning. For example, you can take a few flights of stairs before pressing that elevator button. Or walk around your office space during a fifteen minute break. Better yet, start commuting instead of driving your car. Not only will you expound energy, but you would also be lessening your carbon foot print.

With the above tips, there really is no excuse for any person not to lose weight. Just keep them in mind and practice them religiously. Don’t be discouraged if the weight loss isn’t as fast as you like. Keep in mind that the healthy amount to lose is 1-2 pounds per week. Eventually this would all add up and you’d get that body you’ve been dreaming of in no time.


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