A Few Safe Ways to Lose Weight Fast

One could lose weight fast without compromising his health. Doing crash diets and pills might do you more harm than good. You can get rid of unwanted flab fast and safe so long as you understand how your body works and you stick to a plan that can eliminate the much hated fat. And to do so, consider the few tips below.

Losing Fat Quick and Safe Tip 1: Understand How Your Body Works

You can’t lose weight in a safe way without knowing and understanding your body. And to understand it, you need to know why food is important. The food we eat basically provides us the energy we need. Typically, a normal sized adult can burn around 2,000 calories, the unit of energy, per day. In most cases people get fat when consume food that exceeds the normal amount of calories they consume. If you fail to burn what you eat, you would most likely gain weight.

Many fad diets and diet pills nowadays promise people quick and easy weight loss. But usually, these diets lead to unhealthy losses in a person’s weight. Typically, these diets can dramatically reduce your calorie intake by around 700 to even 1000 calories. However, such radical reduction could be unhealthy as the foods you have to eat are most likely inadequate in nutrition. It’s also likely that you would be losing muscles instead of fat. That could be bad for you especially if you’re a man who wants to get ripped and muscular.

If you got some unwanted flab and want to lose weight, you can do so as long as you generally have calorie deficits of around 300 to 400 calories per day. To attain this, you should exercise and eat healthy foods.

Losing Fat Quick and Safe Tip 2: Avoid Fast Food and High Calorie Meals

Fast foods can hinder weight loss. Fast food meals seem quick and convenient, but they typically contain high calories. A typical fast food cheeseburger could contain around 200 to 300 calories. If you got some fries and soft drink together with that burger, you could end up consuming even more calories. Aside from containing high calories, fast foods also contain a lot of fat, sodium and unwanted substances that could be harmful to your body.

Losing Fat Quick and Safe Tip 3: Keep your Diet Healthy

To lose weight fast, you need to eat nutritious food. Since diet is a crucial ingredient in losing flab, you need to monitor what you eat. Keep a food diary so that you would know which food you eat is healthy and which ones you should avoid.

Typically, refined carbohydrate foods should be avoided. Try whole bread and brown rice. Sweet potatoes could also help you cut on excessive carbohydrates. Some diets would even recommend dramatic drop in a person’s carbohydrate intake. But to avoid any unwanted incident, it would be wise to keep a balanced yet fat busting diet.

To lose weight, eat protein rich foods. Eating chicken, eggs and fish could help you remain full for some time. If you’re a body builder who wants to get rid of fat while building muscle, protein drinks like whey and casein could help you. These drinks could help you build muscle as they contain protein rich substances. Likewise, they could help you feel full thereby avoiding any diet harmful snack.

Protein rich and low fat dairy foods can also help you lose weight. For instance, the calcium from skim milk and low fat cheese helps your body suppress hormones that promote fat storage. If you love milk, try drinking skim milk as doing so could help you lose unwanted fat.

Similarly, it would be good if you include fruits and vegetables in your diet. They are not only low in calories but are also rich in nutrients. Likewise, most of them are low in calories so eating them won’t necessarily jeopardize your calorie intake.

Losing Fat Quick and Safe Tip 4: Do Cardio Exercises

Exercising is a vital component of a weight loss program. Typically, cardio workouts like swimming, jogging, running and cycling can help a person burn a lot of calories and in the process help him lose weight. For instance, jogging for around 45 minutes at a speed of 5 miles per hour can help you burn around 435 to 653 calories.

But remember to run or do cardio exercises regularly every week and you can find yourself losing some unwanted weight. Doing two or three times of intense cardio workouts could help get you the weight you deeply want. If you get bored in your old cardio, try other cardio exercises. You could also try high intensity interval training or circuit training wherein you’ll be exerting a lot of effort. Doing these exercises could help you get stronger while burning a lot of calories.

Losing Fat Quick and Safe Tip 5: Try Resistance Training

Building muscle could help you lose unwanted weight and fat. As such, lifting some weight can help you lose weight. Although weight training doesn’t burn as much calories as cardio workouts can, they can help build up your endurance, a prerequisite for performing more physically strenuous exercises. Likewise, muscles would help you burn fat as they could help boost up your metabolism.

Losing Fat Quick and Safe Tip 6: Remain Committed and Stay Motivated

Losing weight is not easy, but you can certainly do so as long as you stay focused. Don’t get discouraged if you lose around 3 to 4 lbs per week. That is the healthy way of losing weight. If you lose around 20 lbs, you might be losing water and not fat. Fat is what you want to get rid of, not water. Don’t give up on your diet or workout. Remember that you can lose fat and unwanted weight; it’s just that the healthy way of doing so is a gradual process.

To lose weight fast and safe, you must be disciplined in your lifestyle. Avoid foods that could be disastrous to your weight and do physical exercises regularly. Doing these would help you get fit in a fast yet healthy manner.


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