My name is C.J. I am a 40 something, married female that lives on the west coast of the United States. I love food and all things food related. Being a nurse, I especially like the food science/nutritional aspect, as well as, typical food preparation, recipes and eating (of course).

Consuming fresh, natural, whole and unprocessed food is probably the way that most people should be eating. Unfortunately, I’m a Type II Diabetic so I have to use some processed items to make my diet even half way palatable. I did have bariatric surgery (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy)which helped my blood sugar levels so I am able to eat more carbs than my body could previously tolerate. Because of my surgery and my metabolic issues, I do try to balance a Low Carb Diet along with whole foods. This is a delicate balance indeed.

Before I became diagnosed with diabetes, I was a vegan which is the consumption of only plant based foods. Recently, I have began a vegan experiment to see if my body will tolerate this type of diet without sending my blood glucose levels through the roof. Can’t wait to see the results and I hope you’ll follow along.

Food is fascinating on a number of levels. The emphasis that we place on food is incredible when you think about culture and traditions such as birthdays, holidays, religious, etc. What food can do for us is incredibly amazing and sometimes takes my breath away. Hippocrates said, “Let they food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” He knew the power of proper nutrition well before current science became aware of this fact.

Grab a chair and join the conversation about all things food related.

Carol Ludlow, MBA, RN
Food Stories, LLC