How to work through bottomless brunch to calm the Monday blues!

We all love waking up to the idea of catching up with our pals for a lazy weekend meal. A holiday is the best time to unwind, and relax from an insane week of work. And what better way to do it than over a refreshing meal at one of your favourite diners?! Good food, and great company are a sure-fire way to get yourself back on track. This way you can kick back, clear your mind, and get to spend some quality time chilling out.

If you think that a lazy weekend at home is the ideal way to spend your day of rest, then it’s time to think again. You cannot possibly just linger at home, and sleep the day off. What about those hunger pangs? Would you care to cook and spoil that inertia of laziness? Surely not! Have you ever tried a bottomless brunch in Auckland? TomTom Bar and Eatery, is one of the best rooftop bars, and are well known for their atmospheric ambiance, refreshing cocktails, delectable appetizers and customized services. When you are looking for a cosy atmosphere, great draught options, and hospitable settings that can satisfy every palate along with a brilliant view, you now know exactly where to find it!

Top tips to hack bottomless brunches

Luncheons are the best way to kick your heels off with your party of friends. The chit-chat, catching up on news, making movie plans, and rehashing fond memories, is all part of the affair. After all, food at these buffet restaurants in Auckland, is not just about the variety and taste; it is more about the experience, and the memories you create with regard to the quality time you spend here. But, how do you deal with being bombarded by drinks through the time you spend here? Here are some ways to get through them without getting knackered:

  • Know all the rules:  Each eatery that serves bottomless brunches will display what they are offering. Some of them have written menus to elaborate their daily specials. Others have a specified time limit; for instance, some diners will offer you a two-hour limit for your brunch table. So, you need to finish up within this allocated time. Ask ahead about these rules, so that you won’t be disappointed, or hurried up to finish what is supposed to be a relaxed meal. Insist on knowing the food and drinks menu, so that you know if you are being served those dishes that you are expecting. Some brunches insist that you start your meal with a drink. Ensure your comfort with these rules, before you make any reservations.
  • Investigate the beverage options: Having innumerable number of drinks may not be the best option. Stick to just one or two drinks that you can handle within this span of time. Don’t you think it’s better to exercise some restraint, than crawling out of the place on all fours? You can stick to Irish coffees, mimosas, and Bloody Mary’s. Remember to keep your cocktail orders simple, with just one or two basic ingredients.
  • Wait out the rush:  Most brunches start off around 10am, and you will always find a long waiting line right outside; especially if the place is popular. Opting to go an hour before they close, may allow you to ditch the crowds, the noise and the waiting lines. You will save yourself the hassle of being amongst all that din, with the benefit of a relaxed atmosphere and service. Once the crowds start to disperse, the waiting staff will not feel pressured to serve you in a scattered rush. Do keep a watch on the time, and arrive much ahead of closing hours. Timing your dining efficiently is crucial to the experience that you are expecting. So, having an idea about when the crowd starts to die down allows you the advantage of a relatively better experience.  
  • Enjoy your meal:  Try to eat slowly, without eating more than you can chew. As long as you have food on your plate, the drinks will keep flowing. Avoid having sodas along with your meal, as this will make you feel uneasy and bloated. Getting an overview of the menu will help you pace your consumption. Choose good quality proteins, and sort out the kind of carbohydrates you want to pair with your drinks. Overall, try to relax and have a good time.

With the popping up of these all-you-can-drink services across restaurants, you can easily make the most of your dining experience while still getting a bang for your buck. But walk through that door, having these tactics in hand, to guarantee you make the most of it. This will ensure you have a good time with your friends, and you relax your way through to Monday.

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