Monday Muster & Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal Cookies

Happy Oatmeal Cookie Day … I really enjoy Monday’s and the Monday Muster feature. Seems I always have so much to share but most of it just doesn’t merit its own blog post. It’s kind of like turning to a friend and sharing your mishaps or thumbs up moments. Short & Sweet … That’s what you usually [...]

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Black Bean Lasagna

Black Bean Lasagna

Recently, I was watching reruns of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen on the Food Network and imagine my surprise when I saw her making a vegetarian dish. My ears perked up and I started taking notes. Trisha’s Black Bean Lasagna looked amazing and I just knew that I had to make this pronto (and put my vegan [...]

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Orange Applesauce Date Nut Cake

Orange Applesauce Date Nut Cake

Today, I wanted to share another vegan dessert that I recently tried and loved. This cake is so moist and sweet that the hubs even liked it, too. In fact, I didn’t even tell him that this could be good for him because it might have tainted his opinion. Honestly, I don’t know if I [...]

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Hot Chocolate Cookies with Cayenne

Hot Chocolate Cookies - Happy Valentine's Day

Happy National Creme-Filled Chocolates Day & Happy Valentine’s Day … Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries and is usually celebrated on February 14th in the United States. Originally, in honor of St. Valentine in Christian and Roman traditions, it has evolved into a time to celebrate romance and to offer small tokens of affection [...]

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Lime Cilantro Hummus

Lime Cilantro Hummus

With the Super Bowl coming up, my head has been in the “small bites” game and all I can think about is snack food. Although, I’ve never been much of a cilantro fan, I needed some for a couple of recipes so I reluctantly made my purchase. I’m so glad that I did because the [...]

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Not Egg Salad with Kala Namak (egg flavored salt)

Not Egg Salad with Kala Namak (egg flavored salt)

I am so excited to share this recipe with all of you, today. I know that vegan egg salad (or egg salad made with tofu) is not a new idea; however, I recently learned about this amazing salt called Kala Namak that I’m so thrilled about finding. Kala Namak is a black mineral salt that has [...]

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Healthier Guacamole

Healthier Guacamole

As I mentioned, yesterday, I’m in a “small bites” state of mind. I don’t watch much football but I always watch the super bowl with the hubs. He gets to watch the game, I get to watch the commercials and we both get to have some great food. Since the hubs and I are putting [...]

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Monday Muster & Baked Corn Tortilla Chips

Corn on the Cob

I really enjoy Monday’s and the weekly Monday Muster feature. Seems I always have so much to share but most of it just doesn’t merit its own blog post. It’s kind of like turning to a friend and sharing your mishaps or thumbs up moments. Very quick, succinct and to the point. That’s what you [...]

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Monday Muster & Kale Chips

Vegetable Letter M

It has been some time since we’ve done a proper Monday Muster around here so I’m so glad to get back into a regular blogging schedule again. Between the holidays, my knee surgery & the vegan experiment – Let’s just say there’s been a lot going on around here. I’m still being treated and doing [...]

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Moroccan Lentil Stew

Moroccan Lentil Stew - Vegan & Vegetarian

Recently, I saw this fabulous slow cooker recipe on The Soulicious Life and knew immediately that I had to make it. The need to try this dish was so overwhelming that I couldn’t be bothered to wait six hours for the slow cooker version so I came up with my own and I’m so glad [...]

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Chunky Borscht

Chunky Borscht with Vegan Sour Cream

Borscht is a soup that’s prepared mainly of beets. Being that I love beets, I’m not certain why I’ve never tried this dish before. Such a humble, unassuming bowl of goodness and I can’t stop eating it. Beet soup has its roots in Russia and other Eastern European communities and was typically served in poorer [...]

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Hoppin’ John & Collards Prep

Hoppin John

2013 is here and it’s time for one of my favorite foodie traditions, Hoppin’ John on New Years Day! Hoppin’ John is a dish that’s from the southern United States and is made of black eyed peas, pork and greens.  There’s hundreds of variations and ways to serve but I usually make mine with bacon [...]

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Holiday Inspired Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

Holiday Inspired Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

Today, I’m sharing one of my delicious holiday-inspired recipes with Uru and her readers over at Go Bake Yourself while she takes a much deserved seasonal break. I’ve started the post here to whet your appetite but I hope you’ll hop on over to her site to see the recipe and the surprise at the [...]

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Candy Cane Sugar Cookies

Candy Cane Sugar Cookies

Happy National Candy Cane Day! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays … I hope everyone’s enjoying their time with family, friends & food. I know the hubs and I are having a great time enjoying all the holiday fare that we normally don’t have throughout the year. During the holidays, we’re not low carb, vegetarian, vegan, [...]

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Southwestern Black Bean Quinoa Salad + Book Giveaway! (closed)

Southwestern Black Bean Quinoa Salad

As a food blogger, many opportunities come my way to review products but I only pass along the items that I truly enjoy or find value with. Recently, I was provided a review copy of The Plant Powered Diet by Sharon Palmer, RD and I am happy to pass on this great resource. Being a [...]

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