Food Photo & Art Contest – Current Month

Food Photo/Art Contest Update:

Our monthly food photo contest is a joint venture with Food Foto Gallery – Please submit your food photos & food art at and place the month/date with a hashtag in the description of your food photo submission.

Use a hashtag first and then use two spaces for the month and two spaces for the year.

For example, photos submitted for March should have #0314 in the description so votes can be tallied. (April 2014 submissions should have #0414 added to the description & so on)

IMPORTANT – only photos with this specific date-hashtag format will be considered for the monthly contest!

Voting for your favorites is easy, too … Just click on the picture to vote and it will tally automatically. Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for participating!

Enter the monthly contest by submitting your Food Photos or Food Art. Please feel free to browse through our current images and vote for your favorites. You can vote as many times as you wish & use any method to get the word out about your submission. Feel free to tell your family, email your friends, text, tweet, tumble, update your status on Facebook … Anything goes 🙂

Submissions are being added to the page in the order received, from the top, down … Meaning, the top image is always the most recent submission added to the list.

2(ish) Ingredient Pancakes