Food Photo Contest – May 2013

Enter the monthly contest by submitting your Food Photos or just browse through our current pics and vote for your favorites. You can vote as many times as you wish & use any method to get the word out about your submission. Feel free to tell your family, email your friends, tweet, update your status on Facebook … Anything goes 🙂

Submissions are being added to the page in the order received, from the top, down … Meaning, the top food photo is always the most recent submission added to the list.

Mixed Berry Pizza
Brownie Tower
A Mother’s Touch
Sacher Torte
Lentil Magic
With Salmon on Top
Delicious Apples
Low Fat Gluten-Free Coconut Protein Granola
Blueberry Pierogi
Made with Love!
Kachchi Biryani
Braised Beef Rib
Crady’s Fresh Peach Cupcakes with Apple Butter Cream Frosting
Grapes, a different perspective
Wonton Cups with Shrimp & Friends

Citrus Fresh