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Red Currant Watercolor - Food Photo & Art Contest - Food Stories

Red Currant Watercolor

The best part of a food blog is the beautiful pictures. With that in mind, I have created a Food Photo & Art Contest. Enter the monthly contest by submitting your Food Photos or Food Art. Please take a moment to glance through our current contest images (from the link on the home page) and vote for your favorites. Any entrant can submit up to four pieces per month but there’s no limit to the number of votes. Feel free to use any method to get the word out about your food images. Phone grandma, email your friends, text, tweet, tumble, update your status on Facebook … Anything goes :-)

Submit your Food Photo / Food Art.

The monthly winner will receive $25 transferred via Paypal and a fancy award badge to display on their site, if they so choose. All entries are automatically entered into the annual contest that has a prize of $100.

Food Photo Contest Winner - Food Stories Blog

Past food photo entries can still be viewed:

August 2013 – /food-photo-art-contest-august-2013/
July 2013 – /food-photo-art-contest-july-2013-week-1/
June 2013 – /food-photo-contest-june-2013/
May 2013 – /food-photo-contest-may-2013/
April 2013 – /food-photo-contest-april-2013/
March 2013 – /food-photo-contest-march-2013/
February 2013 – /food-photo-contest-february-2013/
January 2013 – /food-photo-contest-january-2013/

December 2012 – /food-photo-contest-december-2012/
November 2012 – /food-photo-contest-november-2012/
October 2012 – /fs-photos-october-2012/
September 2012 – /fs-photos-september-2012/
July/August 2012 – /fs-photos-julyaug-2012/

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What do you think?

  1. conducting a Food Photography Contests send in beautiful pics of ur favorite dishes and win Samsung galaxy phones . send in your entries to

  2. Nadeesha Fonseka says:


    I submitted a couple of photographs on the 11th of August. Where will this show up & when??

  3. Food Stories says:

    Lubna – The July images can be seen by going to the link on the home page of the site – I am a little backlogged in getting the entries up but they will be up soon – Thx so much for your patience :-)

  4. I uploaded my food picture why can’t I see it in the voting section?
    Where is July 2013 section ? :(
    And when are the results going to be declared?

  5. I have submmited 2 days ago my photo Mung Beans Smootie. I don’t know when it will show up.

  6. I just submitted a picture for your July contest. Very excited to have found this.

  7. I’ve submmited my Photo for Monthly Food Contest with category Tapioca Day.
    Elly recently posted … Mango Caramel PuddingMy Profile

  8. Hi, I just submitted a photo and I’m not sure where it will show up or whether it went through at all… It seems like the link for January submission is not up yet?

  9. It would be nice if there were a link to the CURRENT month’s photo contest instead of October and November.

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