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Illuminating Blogger Award Winners


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Additions for Week Ending 09/29

Additions for Week Ending 09/22
Figuring It Out As We Grow
Junior’s Jrnl
Used York City
Crawl The Line
Beauty School Knockout
Mrs Flams – Family, Friends, Food
Anglers Rest
The Quiet One in the Corner
Constance Meloche
Magenta and Lime
Impossible Astronaut
Fate-Filled Times
The Open Oven
The Thread Affect
A House and Yard
Life sprinkles
Empty Nest, Full Stomachs
A Woman of Process
Tea Foodie
Brian’s Blog
Southern Belle Soul, Mountain Bride Heart
chelsea’s Culinary Indulgence
Magnolia Days
Simply Helping Him

Additions for Week Ending 09/15
LindO Designs
The Passionfruit Project
Neaten Your Nest
Make Believe Boutique
Zen of BBQ
Dogs, Dishes & Decor
Writing Wildly
Yum2Three’s Blog
Stardust-Decor & Style
Troublin’ Times
Sandy Feet
Animal Shelter Volunteer Life
The Blazing Trail
Mari’s Notebook
The Arnold Family 8
Hilaris Happenings
Streams of Consciousness
The Enlightenment Cookie
High, High, Higher
Cat from Hell’s Blog
Afternoon Popcorn Snack
Go Jules Go
For the Love of the South
Hollow Tree Ventures
Organized Living Essentials
Nerrissa’s Life
The Tummy Train

Additions for Week Ending 09/08
Imported Kiwi
Spaetzle in Scotland
Rollin’ Momma
Life as an Art Form
Nebraska Wheatie
Brain, Mind and Other Things
The Space Between
Losing My Mind, Finding My Voice
Decorating Insanity
Sylver Blaque
Our Home in the Maples
Cooking in Cali
Ginger Sass
Graphicality – UK

Additions for Week Ending 09/01
Great Escape: A Girl’s Guide to Leaving a Marriage

Additions for Week Ending 08/18
This Day With God
My Life on the Divide
Mrs. Hines Class
Jimmy Cracked Corn
Mangia with Mario
Everything in 3’s
Oh la la livia
3D Health for Life
Rhianna’s Guide to Ethical Eating
Sips and Spoonfuls
The End of Fat
Nina and the Heartbeat
Earth Elixir
Life Cherries
Live the Life You Dream About
I Am Beautiful
Ride Light in the Saddle
Lose Weight by Eating!
Beyond the Green Door
Land-Sea-Sky – Lathail
Ginger is the New Pink
The Trishaw
Flicker Free
Cats & Co
Tablespoon of Flavors
Abby Lai
Dose of Joy
Organized Island
Cupcakes and Cadenzas

Additions for Week Ending 08/04
Chronic Christian Crafter
Can We Have Some Rasam?
Natural Beauty Tips and Reviews
My Logic is Fuzzy
It’s All In the Journey
Suburbian Funny Farm
Get the Good Stuff
Once Upon a Paradigm
Beauty Botanica
Wrong Way Dummy

Additions for Week Ending 07/28
Clean Your Plate
Nikole Hahn’s Journal
Life With Keo
Lovely on the Inside
Francine in Retirement
Weed’em and Eat’em
Grilled Atheist
Kendra Too
Living Carroll
Ziggy’s Blog
Additions for Week Ending 07/21
International Recipe Syndicate
Nourished Seed
Silently Heard Once
Upham Street Pottery
Eat Teach Blog
Change is Good….Right???
My Crazy Blessed Life
Oh Mah Deehness!
Just Makin’ Do
Delicious Goodies Galore
Musings of a MadCityWriter
Genie Speaks
Wanderlust Gene
Fridays from Home
Oh My Muse!
Wind Against Current
Chez Elza
Design Mangifique
Nicole M. Barker
Oddball Observations
Remi Project
I Choose How I Will Spend the Rest of My Life
God Franchise
Colline’s Blog
Tom Cochrun / Light Breezes
Adventures of a Dog & Mom
Nap a Day
la vie eclectique
Cupcake Rehab
My Journey in a Journal
Age Defying Recipes
Rollin’ Momma
Tales of Life with Cats & Dogs
Bill Talcott’s Blog
Laith’s Ramblings
Books, Cupcakes & Cats Chasing Chipmunks
Consigner Designer
Erotic Romance with a Bite … Leigh Savage
Lily & Rose Design Studio
Dylan Charles Blog
Jennifer Cooks
Diary of a Book Addict
Musings of a Writing Reader
Color Me Pink
N.E. White
Lust & Rum
Epilepsy Talk
Inside the Mind of Isadora
So It Must Be True
Finding Roots
Letters from the Wasteland
Renee’s Revelings
Full Moon Bites
Faith’s Challenges
When I Ride
Portraits of M.E

Additions for Week Ending 07/14
Finding Hope and Peace in an Uncertain World
Chronicles of a Writer
Writing Wildly
Diane Dean-Epps Writer
Simple Switch
Brainstorms: How Epilepsy & Writing Connect
20 Lines a Day – an exercise in discipline

Additions for Week Ending 07/07
Diary of Information Scientist in the Making
Nikky’s Strength and Weakness
The Laine List
Chronicles of a Writer
Christian Fantasy for Women
Renee’s Revelings
Positively Panicked
Words Become Superfluos
Roadkill Crossing, and other tales from Amish Country
Moments of Clarity and Other Things
Mensa Musings
Creating Charlotte’s Webs
The Kingdom Journey
Hot Rod Cowgirl
So It Must Be True …
Fiona Lowe

Additions for Week Ending 06/30
She Smiled the Widest Smile
Wanderlust Gene
illusyon’s Way
Thinking & Driving
Brown Eyed Archivist
The Fork Left Behind
Vinyl Eraser
Rossandra White
Fate-Filled Times
Reflections from Beit-Shalom
Twenty-First Century Blues
Ramblings and Recipes
The Fork Left Behind
The Risible Rambler
Michelle Proulx Official
Dramatic Lyric
Snow Branches
A Woman of Process
Tousled Apostle
Terri’s Kitchen
Casz’s Fiction Farm
So It Must Be True
Jholko Photography
Charming Trinity
“M” is for Marriage and Motherhood

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  1. I don’t know if you’re still keeping track of recipients but My Ancestors and Me at received the award from Forgotten Faces and Long Ago Places at Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination! I am excited to check out the blogroll, and am including a link back to your site ;)
    Tara recently posted … The One With The ScaleMy Profile

  3. Hi there, my blog is also missing from the list. I received the award the first week of July, thanks again for it. I was thrilled. Can you add my blog to the list? Thanks. Lisa
    Lisa Thomson recently posted … Summer’s EndMy Profile

  4. Several weeks ago, I sent my thanks for nomination…and, I’ve checked back to see if my name was added to blogroll. I’m not sure if my comment was posted correctly, so I will resubmit the link of my acceptance of award and passing on of award one more time. Thanks in advance if comment was already received:

    Erin @ Chronic Christian Crafter
    Erin recently posted … Getting To Know You Series…TransportationMy Profile

  5. I want to thank you for the Illumininating Blogger Award. I am honored and appreciate the work that goes into this. I just found it today and am honored. Just keeping up a blog is work and to do what you are doing is awesome. Thank you So much for the honor and the great job you do on this!

  6. Cindy Brown

    I think my comments are going into your spam filter. They aren’t showing up, even though I received the award and have commented several times on the site. It’s probably my website name, Everyday Underwear. Can you whitelist me on your spam filter?

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