Lose Weight by Avoiding These Foods

There is a common knowledge for those who want to lose weight that moderation is the key. However, this can be very hard to achieve especially if you surround yourself with foods and drinks that contains a whole lot more calories than your actual daily need. Therefore, it is not only important for you to know which foods to eat to lose weight, but you also need to know which ones can do more harm than good.

Most of these foods can be easily found in your local grocery store and this makes buying them much harder to resist. The fact that most of these bad foods are tasty or sweet adds more obstacles to your quest for a healthier and slimmer body. However, if can just stay in sight of your healthy goals then avoiding the foods listed below would be easier to do over time and practice. Here is a list of the most common foods and drinks that you really need to avoid when you want to lose weight.

One of the biggest culprits for weight gain is saturated fat. You do not necessarily need to avoid foods that have the word “fat” on it. There are actually several other foods that contain the good fats that will not give you a leaner body, but a healthy heart as well. Unfortunately, the saturated fat is not one of those good fats. This is usually found in red meats and whole dairy products like cheese and milk. There are also some variants of palm oil and coconut oil which has this kind of fat. Aside from giving you more pounds, foods with saturated fat can also give you heart diseases, cancer and higher levels of cholesterol.

Another weight inducing type of foods is the fried foods. This is one of the main reason why eating at fast food chains causes the increased number of overweight and obese people. It is not the food that directly causes the weight gain. Instead it is the method of cooking that increases the number of calories that a certain food actually contains. In addition, fired foods are cooked with a lot of salt added into it. Salt causes our body to retain more fluid than necessary which in turn leaves people feeling more bloated and overweight. Typical examples of fried foods that are being served worldwide include fried chicken, burgers and French fries. Well, that seems to be like the menu of many fast food chains that you know of, right?

White bread and other similar products made up of refined flour are also major causes of weight gain for both men and women. The refined flour used for these products are the real cause of this fat-causing capabilities of bread and some pastas. Because the refined flour has been milled too much, there is little left for our digestive systems to work on. Instead, the calories that you gain from eating these products go directly to your layers of fat, especially around the belly area. To avoid this from happening, opt for whole grain variants instead. Do not fall for products which have a “multigrain” label on it because it is not the same as the whole grain variants. You will gain more weight with multigrain products similarly to their refined flour counterparts.

Salty foods and other processed foods should also be avoided at all cost. These types of foods will not hinder you from your goal to lose weight, but will also cause several health problems. Common examples of these include bacon, ham, salted nuts and potato chips. The amount of salt contained in these products is much higher than what you need every day. Also, most of the processed and salty foods are cooked by frying them. This only increases the number of calories that you can get out of them. Unfortunately, if you love these foods, there is no way around this. You should definitely avoid these types of foods if you really want a healthier and slimmer body.

Another common knowledge for those who want to lose weight is that you should avoid eating sweet desserts and treats such as cakes, cookies and ice cream. However, an increasing trend of products offers desserts with less to no fats. If you are really keen to lose weight, then you should still avoid neither buying any kind of sweet treats, regular nor the fat-free versions. These foods still contain ingredients that can still make you gain weight. For example, this type of foods has Trans fats or also known as hydrogenated vegetable oil. This kind of fats come along with the margarine or frosting of your favourite desserts. Like the saturated fat, eating more Trans fats can lead to increased risk to heart diseases like clogged arteries. Another major component of this type of foods is obviously sugar. The sugar you have on your food, the more calories your food contains. Excess of sugary treats can also lead to more debilitating diseases like diabetes and obesity.

Similar to the cakes and other sweet treats are the sugary drinks. They come in many different forms like carbonated drinks, coffee, bottled teas and fruit juices, as well as some energy drinks. Diet sodas, although they claim to have less sugar and calories than the regular ones, must still be avoided at all cost. Instead of buying and drinking these, opt for water instead. There are flavoured waters available today which has no to little amount of sugar in it. Also, natural green tea would aid you in burning up the excess fats. Just remember, if you must choose, go for natural and never for bottled and carbonated drinks.

Finally, avoid drinking alcoholic drinks, most especially beer. A glass of wine a day can be healthy for some, but drinking way too much on a regular basis can add layers of fat for you.

In avoiding these types of food, it is important that you should read the labels of what you want to buy and eat. However, do not force yourself. Do it gradually and then you will see that you can lose weight without even trying.


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