Lose Weight Effectively

There are many methods in which a person could lose weight. An entire industry has been established making it available for anyone to achieve their ideal lightness. So how do you sift through all of the methods and find out what really works for you? Here are some tips and tricks that might help you along the way.

Understanding Fat
When you eat fat or consume extra calories, your body breaks it down and stores it into cells. It gets deposited mostly underneath your skin in the different areas of your body. But don’t consider fat to be the bad guy for it actually performs a number of functions for our body.

Source of energy. Fat is actually an energy depository. This is why if you consume less calories than you burn, you lose weight. This is also where the phrase ‘burning fat’ during exercise comes from.

Protection and insulation. The fat underneath our skin is another layer that helps protect our bones and internal organs from harm. It also helps keep us warm during cold weather by padding our bodies similar to what our jackets do.

Balances our hormones and helps the body absorb fat soluble vitamins. Fats aid in balancing hormones especially in women. Also, fat helps absorb the essential vitamins A, D, E and K which are not soluble in water.

The main function of fat is an energy reserve. When your body is not eating, it still needs energy to function. The body first turns the carbohydrates it has stored and turns it into energy. When the body no longer has stored carbohydrates in it, it takes the fatty cell deposits and breaks it down so that it could continue to function.

Lose Weight
Since the only controllable part of your body that contributes to your weight is your fat deposits, logically the less fat you have the lighter you are. To lose weight, therefore, you need to be expelling more energy than you intake. The theory may be deceptively simple, but weight loss has baffled men and women alike. To aid you along, here are several tips you can adhere to so you could lose weight.

Find a weight loss buddy. Admittedly, trying to lose weight the healthy way is a long and tedious process. Sometimes, despite all your efforts and sacrifices, the changes won’t be noticeable. Finding a friend that has the same goals would no doubt help keep you motivated. Working out with a buddy would also make you more accountable to your commitment. Plus when eating out, you won’t feel so bad when you’re not the only one who’s ordering a salad.

You’ve got to move it, move it. A person with a sedentary lifestyle would definitely have a harder time losing weight than a person who is much more active. Remember that the formula is to burn more calories than you intake so it should be no surprise that a person who moves more also burns more of those unwanted fat. There are a lot of options nowadays for a person to do so. These are:

Going to the gym. All that fancy gym equipment maximizes the rate in which you burn fat and gain muscle. Gaining more muscle in the body aids in burning fat even when you’re at a passive state. Also, if you can afford it, hire a personal trainer. A personal trainer is an expert in weight management and he would be able to create a program that would help you lose weight and keep them off.

Start walking more. Whether you could set aside a part of your day so you could jog or take your dog for a walk, to parking farther away from the entrance of the building, just adding 15 minutes of time walking would aid in losing those pounds. You can even tote around a pedometer and challenge yourself by walking a hundred more steps than the day before.

Take the stairs. The stairs is an easy and readily available form of cardio exercise. Doing this not only keeps the blood pumping but also strengthens your calf muscles.

Play video games. There’s a reason why consoles such as the Nintendo Wii or the Xbox Kinect are so popular: They keep the body moving while keeping you highly entertained. You’d be surprised at how well those games really work up a sweat.

Take classes. There are plenty of classes that require you to move more. Whether it’s learning how to swim, or pole dance, or meditating in a yoga session, just do something you would enjoy and losing weight would be easy.

Watch what you eat. Not all food is created equal. Some are so calorie laden that they can be nothing but bad for you. These are what we call ‘junk food’. Generally, junk food adds very little nutritional value to your diet and contributes only fats, sugars and empty calories to it. Fast food is the most popular and probably the hardest to resist among the junk food readily available. Chips, chocolates, sodas and processed fruit juices are also considered as junk. Avoid these kinds of food completely if you want to lose weight. Instead, stick to fruits, veggies and food that have high levels of fiber. Addicted to such junk? Here are some tips that would help you avoid it.

Create a grocery list and stick to it. Pre-meditating what you would buy in the grocery store gives you more time to consciously choose what’s healthy. Also, make sure that you’re full before buying your weekly groceries so that you won’t impulsively pick up anything that isn’t on your list.

Pack your own lunch. Instead of buying your food outside, pack your own lunch. Eating out would mean you don’t control what goes into your food. With the bigger food portions, it all adds up to an increased calorie intake. Instead, precook meals over the weekend that you could just reheat in the office microwave. And for dessert? Nothing beats fresh fruit.

Eat breakfast. That first meal of the day is also the most important. It kick starts your metabolism and sets the pace the entire day so make sure you opt for something healthy. Oatmeal and cereal rich in fiber is the most energy boosting breakfast item so make sure to stock up on it.

Ditch the colored drinks. Fruit juices and soda can easily be avoided by choosing water instead. The comparison is no contest. Colored drinks can add up to 200 calories to your meal while water has 0 calories. And if you’re a coffee drinker, always opt for brewed instead of those creamy lattes and frappuccinos that pack 1000 calories into one cu

If you remember all the tips and tricks above and stick to it religiously, it’s going to be hard not to lose weight.

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