Lose Weight the Easy Way

You cannot effectively lose weight by changing your entire lifestyle including your exercise and eating habits. What you need to do is find numerous things that you can modify every day. Once you determine those things, work on them and just follow the basic rules of having an active lifestyle and eating healthy.

You don’t need to avoid food items that are high in calories all the time just to lose weight. You can still have them, just make sure to do it in moderation and in balance. For instance, you can have a bowl of ice cream together with fresh fruits or have chips for snack but make sure to have fresh salsa on the side.

Drink lots of water after eating breakfast. You can drink fruit juices while having breakfast but make sure to drink water throughout the day. According to researches, a typical American drinks an additional 245 calories from soft drinks everyday and that is about additional twenty-five pounds a year.

Have a pedometer wherever you go. Target for about additional one thousand steps everyday. Generally, inactive individuals only take about two to three thousand steps everyday. If you add two thousand more steps, you will be able to keep your present weight and prevent weight gain.

For one whole week, bring a small notepad wherever you go. Record everything that you put inside your mouth. Researches have shown that individuals who keep food journals tend to eat around fifteen percent less food compared to people who don’t.

To take a walk for about forty-five minutes everyday. While most tips to lose weight suggest walking for thirty minutes, this will just be enough to avoid weight gain in most inactive individuals. On the other hand, walking for more than thirty minutes can help you lose weight. Burning extra three hundred calories per day for forty-five minutes (3 miles) by walking can help in losing thirty pounds in one year even without changing your eating habits.

Wear blue more often (or carry the color wherever you go). A lot of fast food restaurants don’t use the color blue in their decors – and with a very good reason. Blue is considered as a color that works as an appetite suppressant. Therefore, if you want to eat less than the usual and lose weight effectively, use blue plates during meals, wear a blue dress while eating or use a blue tablecloth for your dining table. Equally, avoid the colors orange, red and yellow in the dining areas as they can promote eating.

Go through your closet and get rid of your ‘fat’ outfits. After reaching your weight loss goal, eliminate all your clothes that don’t fit. This way, you will be able to maintain your weight easily.

Eat in smaller plates to lose weight. Researches have shown that the less amount of food you put in your plate, the less you will eat. Therefore, instead of eating in your regular dinner plates, use salad plates in eating. The same rule applies for beverages. Use smaller cups for coffee instead of oversized mugs.

Always have a vegetable platter at hand. According to experts, eating food items rich in water content such as cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini can help lessen the total calorie consumption. Salads and soups are also high in water content. Just consuming water will not give you the same health benefits because the human body manages thirst and hunger in different ways.

Eat more vegetables to lose weight. It is recommended to eat two times as much pasta salad filled with vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots and broccoli than eating a single serving of pasta salad with mayonnaise dressing. When it comes to stir-fries, add more vegetables. Same goes for omelet – include more veggies to make it fluffier instead of adding more eggs.

Opt for regular coffee. Extravagant coffee drinks from the usual coffee shops are usually filled with hundreds of calories due to whipped cream, whole milk, sugary syrups and sugar.

Put nonfat powdered milk in your coffee. Skim milk provides nutritional benefits such as calcium. It is also low in calorie content.

Make it a habit to have cereal for breakfast regularly. Studies have shown that individuals who eat cereal on a regular basis are less likely to be overweight and acquire diabetes. In addition, they consume more calcium and fiber, and lesser fat compared to those who consume other food items for breakfast. However, it is important to choose cereal products that are low in sugar and high in fiber.

As much as possible, eat home-cooked meals. When you eat out, there is a bigger chance to eat more food items high in calories and high in fat. In addition, restaurants serve huge portions these days.

Stay away from any prepared food products with fructose, corn syrup or sugar in their labels. Make sure to choose the same variety of food with lower sugar content. In addition, when buying mayonnaise, salad dressings or ketchup, always go for the sugar-free forms.

Don’t be an emotional eater. Stop the habit of eating just to eliminate stress or alleviate boredom or express love. For instance, instead of having a heavy dessert, take a walk, go to the mall or take up a hobby such as playing tennis or making scrapbooks.

Substitute rich dressings and sauces such as creams, sugar syrups and butter with salsa or hot sauce. Aside from giving lots of flavor with few calories and no fat, a lot of these spicy seasonings can help burn more calories, resulting to weight loss.

Doing household chores can help you lose weight. Aim to do one chore per week such as cleaning the windows, the floor, bathroom tile, the shower stall or the car. According to studies, doing household chores can burn 4 calories per minute. So, scrubbing for thirty minutes can help you burn about 120 calories.

Closing your kitchen after dinner should also be a habit. Clean the counters, wash the dishes, turn the lights off and if needed, lock the refrigerator and cabinets. This way, you can prevent eating late in the evenings, which can greatly help you lose weight.

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