Lose Weight the Metabolism Way

One major factor that affects weight loss/gain is the body’s metabolism. First of all, people who have a slow metabolism think that they are stuck and are doomed to stay overweight for the rest of their lives because it is difficult to lose weight. That, however, is not the reality of it. Today, several researches have been made on how to not only speed up, but also, how to control the body’s metabolism. The term “Maximum Metabolism” was coined by researchers telling that by maximizing the body’s metabolism, a definite way to lose weight and to speed up weight training is possible.

To start to lose weight is to discuss the ways to achieving the Maximum Metabolism. There are five main metabolic boosters that should be remembered: going on a low fat diet, eating the right carbohydrates, knowing the timing and sequence of meals, maximizing nutrition intake, and regular exercise. These five have been proven as the most important factors in maximizing metabolism.

First on the list of things is going on a low-fat diet. Incorporating the latest research on the problems of fat intake, maximum metabolism has changed several approaches in diets. Having a low-fat diet is a very essential element in weight control. Using less of fatty cuts of lamb, pork, beef, eggs, and organ meats and using more trim cuts such as chicken, turkey and veal not only eliminates unnecessary fats from diets, but also gives the body the right kinds of fats it needs.

It was believed before that eating fats were important due to its high volume of calories than carbohydrates or protein. With such content, fats could serve as substitution for the calories needed as long as there were equal amounts of calories. What researchers didn’t know was that the important factor was not in the calories but in the fats that the food contained because the fats are what make people fat. Due to the fat intake, metabolism slows down and the body’s ability to burn fat also slows down thus creating more fat in the body even though the intake of calories is low. Too much intake of fat makes the body feel sluggish and hinders weight loss. To lose weight significantly, one must definitely avoid fats.

The next factor in maximizing metabolism is in eating the right carbohydrates. There are two kinds of carbohydrates which are the simple and the complex. Simple carbohydrates destroy diets due to the amount of sugar and refined flour in them such as cakes, candies, cookies. Complex carbohydrates contain fiber which is a basic component in digestion and prevents life-threatening diseases from taking place. Examples of complex carbohydrates are breads, potatoes, and grains which are called starchy complex carbohydrates. Non-starchy complex carbohydrates are basically fruits and vegetables.

Due to the difference in content, it takes more energy to form calories from carbohydrates than from fats so it is very helpful for those in a diet. Previously, carbohydrates were considered as fattening but it has turned the other way around as they began to consider it as diet food. But, to be general, what really help in developing a maximum metabolism are the non-starchy complex carbohydrates. The starchy complex carbohydrates should only be eaten in the morning due to the fact that it slows down the metabolism of the whole body. The starch boost in the morning helps you avoid another craving throughout the day. Eating the right kinds of carbohydrates provides more energy to the body thus giving the extra edge in performance.

The third essential element is by knowing the timing and sequence of meals which greatly helps to lose weight. People usually go for the dinner-heavy diet which is done by skipping breakfast then having a light lunch. What people don’t notice is that they usually eat too much because they lose all restraints on what they eat during dinner. Another mistake is that it ruins the body’s metabolism due to the fact that eating less forces the body to store more fats.

The control of insulin or what is known as the “hunger hormone”, is interrupted due to the loss of food which then ruins your metabolism. Usual side effects of having a dinner-heavy diet are headaches and fatigue, spikes in energy levels, and extreme cases of hunger. Also, sleep changes the performance of metabolism which greatly boosts weight gain. They must set up a dinner before 7 P.M. to ensure that the food is digested before going to sleep. Dieters must be persuaded to have balanced and properly set-up meals to ensure maximum metabolism.

The fourth factor in trying to lose weight using maximum metabolism is by maximizing nutrition intake. For the benefit of all, diets are not always about the calories you intake. Low calorie intake leads to not only the loss of fats but to loss of muscles as well. People usually prefer to have moderate calorie reduction than the extreme low-calorie diets that because the loss in muscle is surprisingly larger than that of the fat you lose. A problem faced by low-calorie intake is that it greatly decreases the speed of the body’s metabolism.

Greatest of all the problems is the limited nutrition absorbed from the very limited food that is eaten. When aiming for weight reduction, one must have a proper combination of well planned meals associated with nutritional supplements to ensure that the body is provided with maximum levels of nutrition. It is said that changing the food selection rather than attempting to modify the eating behavior is more effective and efficient for a person. Providing the person with the right food which is rich in nutrients and nutritional supplements will improve metabolism and insure that the person would lose weight

Regular exercise is the last, but definitely not the least in the selection. Exercise speeds up weight loss and improves the health of the one engaged in the diet. Though the diet alone can make people lose weight, exercise will greatly improve it because it burns calories, speeds up metabolism. Due to the exercise, insulin flow is stabilized and the hormones in your body make you feel full, thus leading to lesser food intake. Most importantly, it raises your muscle mass so it could help shape and improve your body.

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