9 Tips For Healthy Eating On The Run

Many people give up healthy eating because they lack the time. Fast food is easy to find and can be very filling. Fast food is not as healthy as a balanced diet. However, it’s possible to make sure that you eat healthier fast food.

  • Be mindful of the portion sizes. You’ll likely satisfy your cravings after eating a small amount of fries. This will save you over 100 calories compared to a larger order. Sandwiches are the same. You can order the regular or kid’s version.
  • Look for deli-style fast food chains that offer subs, sandwiches on whole wheat bread, or wraps. This is a healthier option than fried food.
  • Fast-food restaurants now offer healthier options to replace the French fries. Go for the healthier option. You can also get the healthy side dish if you don’t want to give up the salt and grease.
  • When dining at fast food restaurants, always order a side salad. Side salads will make it less likely that you eat unhealthy food, and will also provide fiber as well as vitamins for balance.
  • Chicken is not always healthy. Fast-food chains often offer chicken sandwiches on white bread, which are higher in calories and fat than a burger. Grilled chicken is a better choice.
  • Before you go on your errands, make it a habit of eating a piece of fruit or a bowl full of low-fat yogurt. Regular eating will help you feel satisfied and prevent temptation.
  • Make sure you have plenty of water and healthy snacks in your car. You’ll be less likely to eat at a drive-thru fast-food joint if you have a snack.
  • For your quick-food fix, you might consider a supermarket. Precut and washed fresh fruits or vegetables, yogurt, low-fat cheese, and other items can be found in supermarkets. Many supermarkets offer healthy options like sushi, wraps and salads.
  • Keep the mayo. One tablespoon of regular mayonnaise contains almost 100 calories.
    Do not add sugary or calorie-rich drinks to an already unhealthy meal. Water is readily available and good for you. You will feel fuller sooner if you drink a large glass with your meal.

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