How To Make Triple Creme Cheese

There are many ways to approach weight management. Some of the common, “accepted” ways include:

Deprivation diets, fad dieting, counting calories, restricting calories, weighing food and of course, joining a gym. These are all very common, modern ways of how we approach weight management. In my experience, these approaches place significant, disturbing, demanding effects on the body that throw the cells, tissues and organs way out of balance and off their center. We may see outer results from these diets and therefore, we feel successful, we feel as though we’ve accomplished our goal.

But, what was really accomplished?

Yes, tasty, homemade jalapeño poppers can be part of your sustainable weight management program (and you don’t even have to count the calories)! These diets are called weight “loss” diets. Meaning, you have to lose something, in order to gain something. This is how our culture is programmed. In order to lose weight…I have to lose something in the process, I have to give something up, I have to struggle. Instead of choosing this tripe crème cheese, I really should go for the low-fat cheese or the vegetarian rice cheese. Or, instead of getting a breve that I so love and enjoy, I’m gonna go for the soy latte because it’s low-fat and”heart-healthy”.

This is how our culture programs us to think about our weight. One dimensional, external focus, lack mentality.

Yet, if we approach weight from a place of wholeness-eating a truly nourishing diet while addressing emotional discomforts, then, we could provide ourselves with the opportunity to let-go of old patterns that do not serve us anymore. There is no losing here. There is letting go, but when we can let-go of patterns and thoughts that are keeping us in a vicious cycle, patterns that are making us sick, not only do we win, but everyone around us wins, the planet wins. Everyone wins. Did you know that wild sockeye salmon is rich in vitamins A, D and cholesterol?!? All essential nutrients for sustainable weight management!

We don’t have to lose anything to gain something. In fact, it’s impossible to lose and win at the same time.

In order to fully embrace weight management, we have to embrace our bodies, our experiences with our bodies, all the emotions stored within our bodies. These are just chomping at the bit to be witnessed, acknowledged and let-go of once and for all. If you desire to let-go of weight, I invite you to ponder this question: What is the shape and size and appearance of your body here to teach you? How is it trying to help you? Where is it guiding you? We need to dig deeper. Instead of putting a weight “loss” diet, dogmatic exercise routine band-aid over our bodies, we need to get closer to the heart of the matter while simultaneously relishing in tripe crème cheese, egg yolks, butter, steak and lobster.

We need to move past the skin layer and plunge into the marrow.

We base weight loss diets on how they will make us look on the outside, while never addressing the internal realms of the emotions, old eating habits, work-out habits, social habits and working habits. The ribeye cut is one of the fattiest cuts you can get…Of course, that’s my favorite! My partner Jen actually eats her ribeye dipped in butter.

We literally starve ourselves in order to achieve our outer weight goal.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do that anymore (and, that it doesn’t work)!

Do you know how they make double and triple crème cheeses? They add more cream.

This is exactly what we need to do. We need to add more cream to our lives, more delight, more pleasure, more fat to our diets and we need to stop depleting our bodies with poor quality, nutrient deficient foods and self-criticizing mind jabber. So, go get your favorite cheese, seafood or cut of grass-fed beef and enjoy every bite of it! You may be surprised at just how easily your weight and life begin to shift. Interested in taking a deeper, more nourishing approach to your weight goals? Contact me to schedule a free 45-minute nutrition, weight discovery call to learn how a primal foods may light your fire!

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