Aioli recipe

Learn to make authentic Catalan allioli with garlic and olive oil with step by step instructions. The video shows how to bind olive oil and garlic without the eggs that can distort the flavor of some Mediterranean dishes, particularly seafood recipes. Read more»

Pesto recipe

Step-by-step recipe of the Italian pesto sauce born in Genoa that is now popular all over the world. Read more»

Picada sauce recipe

Picada is a special seasoning blend typical of Catalonia, which enhances the flavor and texture of Mediterranean food dishes. Picada ingredients can be very diverse: from garlic and toasted almonds to bread crust, wine or oil, among others. American gastronomers like Paula Wolfert discovered this characteristic Catalan sauce recipe long ago. Read more»

Romesco salad dressing recipe

Romesco sauce is a Catalan sauce with hazelnuts, almonds, olive oil and more ingredients that are both delicious and healthy. It can accompany salads, fish and vegetables. It is a great vegetarian sauce recipes that can be used with rice or other dishes like an Indian chutney. Read more»

Samfaina sauce recipe

Samfaina is a traditional Catalan cooking base with onion, pepper, eggplants and tomatoes. It is closely related to Occitan ratatolha, which most of you know perhaps as ratatouille. Here I explain how to prepare a delicious samfaina sauce recipe. Read more»

Sofregit sauce recipe

Sofregit is a characteristic homemade tomato sauce recipe used almost every day by housewives and homecooks of the Catalan speaking countries. It is a versatile fresh sauce recipe that can accompany meat, fish or vegetables. The key to a succesful final result is caramelizing the onion and tomato just right. Read more»

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