The best tips to buy a top-grade chef’s knife!

As experts say, a knife to a chef is like a partner in crime, a dancing companion, and a best friend! Well, when so many important positions are being attributed to your knife, obviously it has to match your expectations. That is why you might never have fussed so much in getting a dating partner for yourself as much ruckus you create while choosing a knife for your culinary needs. But do you know the important criteria of getting the best chef’s knife?

How to select the best chef’s knife for your kitchen?

If your old knife is of no use to you and you are looking for a new partner in crime, then the best place to get the chef knives in NZ is Artisan Knives. They have got all kinds of premium knives collection in the topmost quality which would be just perfect for all your culinary needs. And if you want a proper guide to select these, then read on.

  • The style you like — Each chef has his/her preferred style of cooking and cutting. That is why there are even different styles of knives available for you. There are some German-style knives that are a bit sturdy, have thick blades, and have ample space or shoulder between the blade and the handle. This makes it very easy to grip and very smooth on delicate cuts. While if you select the Japanese knives, these have a pretty thin body and are very sharp which let you cut even a huge melon with a twist of fingers. Of course, there are other styles of chef’s knives available too, now as per your way of handling them, select your preferred choice.
  • The ideal steel — You’ll get dizzying options in the steel of the chef’s knives. There is carbon steel which is slightly expensive but very sharp and long-lasting while stainless steel is a budget-friendly option with a softer blade that requires regular sharpening.
  • The handle criterion — Now, the next thing to consider when buying a knife is the handle of the same. If you are a chef who likes to grip the knife completely in high force, then there are wide handles available for you. There are also different types of handles available for larger hands and quick workers.
  • The size of the knife — Picking up a knife of a suitable size is very important if you want it to work as an extension to your hand. Remember, it shouldn’t be too large to make you feel uncomfortable while using or too small that makes you fidget while working.
  • Weigh it before you buy — Don’t ever buy a knife without checking its overall weight. After all it impacts the balancing of the knife and cutting the items smoothly through it. As per the size and dimension and material of your knife the weight of the piece may be heavier or lighter. Now you have to be considerate enough to select a knife according to your preferred size and shape and that which doesn’t even weigh too much for you to handle.

Though these steps are very helpful in finding you the ideal knife, remember at the end of the day you should be comfortable with the piece you pick. Remember, your selection of knife either enhance your cooking experience or deteriorates it.

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