Top 10 Tips On Reducing Food Waste

When you think about how much food we throw out each year, the UK can produce 7.5 million tonnes of food waste per year. This food ends up in landfills, and it releases methane when it is broken down, which is a powerful greenhouse gas.

Positively, food waste can be composted using anaerobic digestion to produce 100% renewable energy. You can easily compost most of your food at-home! There are many things we can do to reduce household food waste.

Better Planning

Plan your meals more effectively. This will drastically reduce food waste. Cook only enough food to feed the people you are intending to feed.

Check the Date

You should ensure that you check the’sell by’ dates of everything you purchase. Blindly shopping has been a common sin. We have all done it before.

Deal vs

These deals, which offer 1 for 1 discounts, can be very tempting. When you find a great deal, it’s easy for you to lose yourself in the feeling of triumph. Be a smart shopper and take advantage of bargains. Don’t let them take advantage of your!

Freeze Food

This is the best way to preserve your food for longer periods of time. To prevent food from going bad, you can freeze poultry, fruits and vegetables. This can be done with almost everything.

Loses Its Fizz

There is nothing more disappointing than a flat glass of coke. This is why I love this tip. You don’t need to flush it down the toilet if it has lost its fizz. You can instead pour it down the loo, and it will do the same job as regular toilet cleaners.


Poor storage can often lead to food spoilage. You should invest in airtight containers for cereal and crisps storage. This will prevent it from getting stale. This can be made more enjoyable by creating trendy labels.


Brown-bag leftovers for lunch the next morning and then bag them up. This is an easy way to save money on food and reduce waste.

Donate a Plate

Donate anything you don’t want to eat. You can donate tinned food to your local food bank.


You can organize what is in your fridge to have more dates at the back, and shorter ones at the front. It’s quick and simple. To remind yourself of what is left, you can stick reminders to your fridge.

The Best Before

Packaging with the words “Best before” or “Display until” are suggestions for manufacturers. They don’t always accurately describe the product’s quality. It is acceptable to eat if it smells and tastes good.


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