Top 15 Tips For Food Bloggers

I wish there were shortcuts or magic tricks to food blogging, but I don’t have any. So I decided to compile twenty of my top tips for food bloggers. These guidelines will help you build a successful blog.

1. Be real. Share what you love.

2. Don’t give up.

While blog growth can be slow at first, it will pick up speed as you persevere and try your best.

3. Original content.

Visitors will return to you if they like what your business does.

4. Your personality is yours!

Enthusiasm can be infectious so don’t hesitate to share your enthusiasm. The best thing about blogging is the ability to connect with others who share your passion for avocado on toast.

5. Be friends with each other and help one another.

Also, network! Make friends with bloggers who are interested in your interests and connect them. Comment thoughtfully on their blogs, connect with them via social media and share their content.

6. Be available.

Social media is a great way to be present and responsive.

7. Your site design should be clean and simple to navigate.

Your content is detracted by clutter.

8. Visitors should be able to easily follow your blog.

Place links to RSS/email subscriptions and social media prominently at the top of each page.

9. It should be easy to leave comments on your blog.

Please, no CAPTCHAs nor required logins. You can let your commenters know you appreciate them by emailing, commenting publicly, or responding to their comments publicly.

10. Share your content easily

Add social media buttons to the end of every post. Thank others for promoting your work.

11. Only post amazing recipes

Visitors shouldn’t waste their time or be disappointed by a recipe. It’s better to leave the blog alone for a few days rather than posting a recipe that you don’t believe in.

12. Cite your sources.

Always. It’s not cool to repost recipes or post photos of other bloggers without permission. Cool: sharing original recipes, sharing inspiration links, linking to additional resources related to the topic at hand.

13. Do not sell out.

While I don’t advocate that you should not make money from your blog, it is important to avoid collaborating with brands or projects that aren’t right for you. Your company is what you choose to keep. You will be able to create the best content possible and build your audience.

14. Post regularly.

Your blog should be updated regularly, whether it’s once a week, every day, or every other week.

15. Register your domain name.

Do it if you want your blog taken seriously. A domain name can be purchased for as low as twenty dollars per year via GoDaddy (affiliate Link).

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