Hen nights are all about celebrating the bride-to-be and her last few days of being a single, unmarried woman, before she walks down the aisle and says, ‘i do.’ On the hen night, the bride-to-be should be made to feel extremely special and everything about that night needs to be perfect and celebratory.

When it comes to food and drinks, there are so many options out there that it can get a bit confusing to decide what to include in the hen night menu, how to make it attractive and special for the bride to be.

If you’re the maid of honour, looking for tips and ideas on how to host the perfect hen do and need help with the food for the special event, then below are some ideas for you to make the perfect hen do menu.

Food Ideas For Hen Party

1. Finger Food

You will definitely need some finger food to nibble on with your champagne and drinks. Add a twist to your finger food with colour themes and unique cupcakes. You can add coloured popcorn to the menu, get cupcakes with cute wedding figurines and icing on them. For example, you can get rings, veils or mini bride and groom figurines on the cupcakes, cake etc.

2. Sweets and Desserts

This is where you can have a lot of fun with candies and colour themes. Get pink M&Ms, cotton candy, pink coloured chocolates etc. You can put these in different shaped glasses which will serve the dual purpose of decor and serving candies. If you’re confused about what should the dessert tray and sweet comprise of, just ask the bride about her favourite candies and get them in bulk for the hen night.

3. Chocolate Fondue

Get a bit fancy with your hen do food menu. Prepare a chocolate fondue with the bride’s favourite chocolate and put out some waffles, marshmallows, cookies, strawberries, muffins, doughnuts etc. for the hen gang to dip into the fondue and enjoy. A chocolate fondue makes for an easy and extremely enjoyable food option at a hen night.

4. Cake or Cupcakes?

For the main dessert, the debate between getting a cake for the bride or several hen themed cupcakes is an ongoing one. Cupcakes will leave you with plenty of choices for flavours. You can get more one one flavoured cupcake which can cater to different taste buds at the hen do. A cake will be of one flavour, preferably the bride’s favourite.

If you want to make cupcakes more fun, you can get decorative icing and figurines on the cupcakes to make them more attractive and fun for the hen do.

5. Tea and cakes?

You can go British with your hen do menu and have a diverse variety of teas and cakes for the hen gang to enjoy at the party. You can serve the tea in pretty tea sets complete with a kettle and use cake stands to serve cakes. This will give the party a British vibe and make it a really cute evening of tea and cakes.

6. Unique Hen Party Punch

Add a punch-y spark to the hen do with a special punch named after the bride herself. Add some food colour or dye to the punch to make it attractive and more personalised. The lady of the hour, the bride-to-be, will be expecting the usual tap alcohol, but you can surprise her with a punch named after her. Add all kinds of liquor that you would like and get the punch ready with some berries, mint or sherbet in it.

7. Milkshakes for the non-alcoholics

For those who don’t drink or will be taking a break from alcohol on the hen do, prepare some milkshakes with some unique recipes of your own, to create delicious milkshakes which the bride (if she’s not drinking) and others can enjoy.


The aim of the hen do food menu is to come up with ways to make it more fun and attractive. Food that looks good also plays the role of good hen do decoration. Wherever possible, try to personalise your food items and include foods that are the bride’s favourite. But also keep in mind any allergies or aversions that the bride or any member of the hen gang might have.

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