Various Types Of Chef Knives You Need To Know About

Just like any other profession, being a chef is also about using the right tools to complete the task. When it comes to knives for chefs, they have been developed over many years, which helped in refining the overall design as well as efficiency as well. 

Having the right kind of knife for a chef is very crucial because it can help him/her cut food in the easiest and quickest manner as possible. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a list of various types of knives that are mostly used inside the kitchen, that every chef should know about – with the help of Chef Knives in NZ services.

Types of Kitchen Knives

  • Chef’s Knife

Also, known as the ‘cook’s knife’, this is the basic kitchen workhorse that can do all tasks – be it slicing, cutting, chopping and the like. The blade of the knife curve upwards towards its tip and is thereby broader towards the bottom. The thinner tip is used for cutting through thick items while the thicker park is used for exerting strength and weight. 

It should be noted that the chef’s knife comes in various sizes – from six inches all the way up to 12 inches. The longer the knife is, the difficult it will be to control it – mainly because of its weight. 

  • Paring Knife

If you want to divide any food item, paring knives do the best job at that. It’s the essential vegetables and fruits knife. They mainly come in lengths of 2 to 4-1/4 inches and an ideal one should have a thin and narrow blade – tapering towards the tip. 

  • Slicing And Carving Knives

These knives have a straight-edged, long and thin blades that are specifically designed for slicing and carving. You can use them to slice roasts, hams, poultry and so on. These blades are about eight to fourteen inches in length. They also have a pointed top so that they can easily slice through rigid food items.

  • Utility Knives

In case a chef finds a paring knife too small, then he or she can opt for the utility knife. These knives are five to six-and-a-half inches long and they are used to slice the perfect-sized lunch meats. They are also known as sandwich knives.

  • Bread Knives

Like with all true bread knives out there, the main purpose of these knives is to cut through loaves of bread in one go. These knives generally turn out to be thick, so that enough strength can be put when cutting a bread that’s having a rough crust on its top. Their overall size ranges between eight and nine inches long.

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