Why you should try half and half in your protein shakes

The texture of protein shakes can make or break them. It varies so much from one brand to another that trying a new brand could be disastrous. If you like dairy products, keep some half-and-half in your fridge. A little can make any drink creamier and more delicious.

Even in minimal amounts, half-and-half adds creaminess to coffee. It’s no surprise that it works the same way for protein shakes. Add a splash to your shakes, whether you like them thick or thin. It will make the drink creamier without changing its consistency. Adding a splash of half and half to your shakes will make them taste even better.

Concentrated ingredients last longer, which is the apparent advantage. Half and half is an excellent alternative to milk for making ultra-creamy, rich shakes. It’s also a budget-friendly option, as it takes up less space in the fridge. A half-gallon of half-and-half lasts me for at least two weeks. I use a cup of cold water and a quarter-cup of half-and-half to make each 40-gram scoop. If I used milk or a dairy-free alternative, I would use them up three to four times as fast, leaving me with less space in my refrigerator and grocery budget.

No rule says you must use half-and-half in the exact minimum amount every time. Although using half and half straight up is probably too rich for most people, increasing the amount from “a splash” or “a generous pour” isn’t a bad idea, especially when trying to gain weight. Protein powders are usually designed to have as few calories as possible. Half and half, however, have more calories than water, milk, or milk alternatives. You can quickly meet your daily calorie needs by increasing the calories in your protein shakes, depending on your goals and training program.

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